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We specialise in commercial and residential  stone floor cleaning  such as; marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, stone, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, vinyl, grout…

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Popular Stone Floor Problems

Stone Services

  • Marble
    Is your marble floor is dirty or dull has it shine?
  • Travertine
    Are you frustrated with your dirty travertine floor? Is it difficult to clean? Are there unsightly dirty holes?
  • Limestone
    Is your lmestone floor marked and difficult to clean. Is it covered in black specks?
  • Terrazzo
    Has your terrazzo floor lost it’s shine? Have you noticed parts of the floor have cracked and become dull and discoloured?
  • Slate
    Does your slate floor need re-sealing? Are there spots and spills that won’t go away?
  • Sandstone
    Has your sandstone floor got dirty and difficult to clean? Is it making your home uninviting to visitors?
  • Granite
    Has your Granite floor lost it’s shine? Are scuffs and scratches ruining the look?
  • Minton Tiles
    Have you discovered a Minton Tile Floor in your home that needs restoration? Are old sealers a nightmare to remove?
  • Quarry Tiles
    Do your quarry ties need a deep clean? Are you looking for help and advice?
  • Dirty Grout
    Are dirty grout lines ruining the look of your floor? Are you sick of ruining your fingernails trying to clean dirty grout lines?

Stone Cleaning

Cleaning stone floors is not just a matter of using a mop and a cleaning solution. You need to have the right equipment and cleaning solutions for your particular stone. It’s simple to ruin a stone floor with the wrong cleaning.

Stone Grinding and Honing

Uneven stone tiles make a floor look ugly and difficult to clean. Stone grinding and honing makes the floor flat and a breeze to clean. Many stone floors are over honed, meaning the lightest scuff shows as an ugly mark. Properly honed stone floors look better and the finish lasts longer.

Stone Polishing

Stone polishing creates stunning, luxurious stone floors. Too many floors are polished incorrectly meaning the finish looks waxy and starts to break down after only a few months.

Stone Sealing

Are you looking for a surface sealer or an impregnating sealer. It all depends on the stone type, the traffic conditions and the location of the stone floor.

Quality Really Matters

Quality stone floor restoration relies on;

  • hands-on experience
  • the right floor cleaning equipment
  • the best materials and treatments

But the best equipment in the world is useless when the person operating the equipment does not have  an in-depth knowledge of stone flooring ideal and the correct stone restoration techniques.

With more than 18 years “hands-on” experience in solving stone floor issues, we are confident to have one of the best restoration and care standards in the stone care industry.

Over 17 years experience “hands-on” experience dealing with all types of natural stone cleaning, means we are the ideal choice for all types of stone floor restoration.   In many cases, the stone floors look better  than the day they were installed!  This is not an unfounded claim. You are welcome to check for yourself around our site to see out the before and and after photos of the work we have done.

Searching For Help On How To Clean Stone Floors?

Our website is packed with useful tips and general information about all aspects of natural stone cleaning, not just our services. It is a great resource if you are thinking about installing or already have a stone floor.  Also please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us on 0800 695 0180 if you can’t found the floor cleaning information you are looking for.

Searching For A Stone Floor Cleaning Company You Can Rely On?

If you are searching for a local stone floor restoration company, being based  in Burton on Trent, we are ideally located to serve from Newcastle to Cornwall.  Our company has been built on customer satisfaction, high quality service and complete reliability as shown in the various testimonials.

With Stone Floor Restoration  Knowledge and Experience Is Essential

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of experience when dealing with stone. It is a natural substance and no two stone floor installations are the same. We are proud to provide our customers with everything they need to make and informed decision. We have no hidden extras or up selling of unnecessary services. We do not employ subcontractors or untrained technicians, neither do we send strangers into your home or business.

So if you are looking for a stone floor cleaning company please contact us or call 0800 695 0180, we’ll be happy to help.