Stone floor Cleaning And Restoration

With over 18 years stone, marble, vinyl, and hard floor restoration, at Abbey Floor Care we’ll back our our professional cleaning services against any other company.

We restore both residential and commercial floors such as; marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, stone, ceramic, porcelain, concrete and grout

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Why Choose Our Services

David-DerbyAs soon as you start to notice problems with the floors in your home or business (spots and stains, dull stone floors, scratched stone floors) it is unlikely that you will be able to correct the problem without professional help.

Nevertheless you may try to solve the problem yourself. Or you may ignore the problem, in the hope that it will not be noticed by family, guests and visitors. However it is unlikely that you will have any lasting success.

This is because when a flooring problem becomes visible, it is often way past a do it yourself solution. We look at our floors when we are standing. So when a floor looks dirty it is absolutely packed with dirt, because the dirt has become ingrained in the surface. When a stone floor starts to look dull it will be full of scratches and soils that mopping will not solve.

So when it comes to maintaining your floors, you are better off by calling on the services of flooring specialist.

terrazzo-grinding-300x274We have the experience, expertise and equipment to maintain your floors properly, so they stay cleaner for longer. You also get the added benefit that by investing in your floors, you will save money by not having to replace them prematurely.

You can delay calling in the professionals by having a daily maintenance programme best suited to you floor.

Do you dry sweep your stone floors before you mop them? Do you know if your stone floor cleaner is damaging your floor?

Most floor problems start with the wrong kind of maintenance. If you would like helpful advice on looking after your floors, then we will be happy advise you on the best cleaning method.


“David came along and sorted our stone floor problem out straight away. Very particular to make sure every area was cleaned.” – Mrs. Simkins

marble cleaning testimonial

“David is a fantastic cleaner. I have used him for years and years. He always does a fantastic job.” – Mrs. Raybould

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Setting The Diamond Standard For Stone Floor Restoration

setting the diamond standard in stone floor care

BEWARE companies who don’t have the equipment and experience to use specialised diamond grinding and polishing equipment.

They use cheap diamond dust impregnated pads with commercial grade floor cleaning equipment and attempt to pass this equipment off as specialist equipment.

Abbey Floor Care uses specialist metal and resin diamond cutting segments to re-surface the floor, completely removing scratches and blemishes, giving you a long lasting deep polish.

Do not accept contractors that just use pads, they will just polish over scratches and give a low standard finish.

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