Cleaning Quarry Tiles Oakham Rutland Abbey Floor Care

Quarry Tiles Cleaning And Sealing Project In Oakham Rutland

This quarry tile floor in Oakham had been under the carpet and underlay for at least 50 years. After lifting the carpet, the homeowner wanted to restore the tiles.

Coverings had trapped salts-ladened moisture on the surface of the quarry tile floor. As the years passed, the salts had built up into a cement-like layer. The salts had also damaged the surface of some tiles.

Quarry Tiles Cleaning Oakham Rutland Abbey Floor Care
Quarry Tile floor in Oakham, Rutland. Covered by carpet and underlay for over 50 years. The result, hard salts residues.

I deep cleaned the floor using a strong acid cleaner designed for removing efflorescence. It took a number of treatments to remove the efflorescence.

I left the floor to dry and applied a colour-enhancing impregnating sealer to enhance the natural colours in the tiles.

Quarry Tiles Cleaning Sealing Oakham Abbey Floor Care

I explained to my client that the efflorescence would continue for weeks or months until the tiles and sub-floor had released the trapped moisture from years of being covered.

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