Cleaning a Well Used Limestone floor in Rowlands Castle

I was contacted by my client regarding the renovation of a Limestone floor in Rowlands Castle. Originally, the Limestone floor was stunning but was now overdue for some love and care to restore it back to its’ former glory.

I suggested the best restoration to suit my clients budget and we agreed on a date for the work.

I am very happy with the floor, thank you David


Limestone Cleaning Rowlands Castle – Project Details

My first impression of this limestone cleaning Rowlands castle project was how well the floor looked after 15 years of regular family use. It was obvious that the client took care to maintain the floor and had done a great job.

Limestone Cleaning Rowlands Castle Hampshire Abbey Floor Care 01

Initially, I had proposed applying a different, film-forming sealer. However, I decided to apply the original wax finish as the client was used to working with wax.

Limestone Cleaning Work

Normally, I protect paintwork with adhesive film. However, the paintwork was a thin water-based paint that could easily be damaged by adhesives. So I decided not to install protection.

Working in sections, I applied Limestone Wax And Sealer Remover and left it for 30 minutes to soften the old waxes and sealers.

I used a rotary scrubbing machine to agitate the softened surface finish and vacuumed away the old residues.

Then I deep cleaned the floor and grout with a rotary scrubbing machine. I also used my pressurised Rinse and Capture equipment, to help remove ingrained soils in the grout and surface pits.

As I had not installed paintwork protection, I cleaned the edges by hand. to protect the paintwork.

Limestone Cleaning Rowlands Castle Hampshire Abbey Floor Care 03

Limestone Crack Repair

There was a large, ugly crack in the doorway to the sitting room. I opened the crack with a diamond cutting wheel and filled the crack with Jasmine colour resin filler.

Finally, I smoothed the filler to the surface of the tiles.

Limestone Cleaning Rowlands Castle Hampshire Abbey Floor Care 31

Limestone Sealing

Normally, I would apply a new layer of Impregnating sealer to older floors. However, the client wanted to minimise deepening the colours in the tiles because Excessive sealer can deepen the colour of the tiles.

So, I tested the original impregnating sealer for wear. The tests showed that I did not have to apply any more impregnating sealer.

I left the floor overnight to dry ready for finishing.

On the second day, I applied four coats of floor wax and then buffed the wax to a mid-sheen finish with a rotary buffing machine.

Limestone Cleaning Rowlands Castle Hampshire Abbey Floor Care 36

For future cleaning, use a cleaner developed to be mopped on stone floors. Many cleaning items you discover in grocery stores contain active ingredients that damage the sealer too soon. So when you choose a stone cleaning item make sure you checked out the label and make sure it’s safe to mop on Sealed Stone tiles.


If you are searching for Limestone Cleaning in Hampshire, please drop me a line, I will be happy to help you.


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