Face Lift for Dull and Soiled Limestone Kitchen Floor in Thornborough

This Limestone Cleaning Thornborough project is about restoring a soiled Limestone tile floor.

Thornborough is a village and civil parish in north Buckinghamshire, England, around 2 miles east of Buckingham.

The floor is 12 years old and has suffered quite a bit of wear.

Most of the floor had no sealer, therefore there was ground-in dirt in the stone which is difficult to remove.

So my client was looking for a specialist limestone cleaning service.

Installation Details

Limestone is a popular tile that can look stunning.

However,  without the correct maintenance regime, poor cleaning and foot traffic can soon turn the floor dull and flat as my customer in Thornborough discovered.

In this case, they had  Limestone tiling installed in the kitchen, utility and hallway.

Limestone Floor In Thornborough Before Cleaning

Limestone is a natural stone that had seen a lot of wear and was now looking rather sorry for itself.

My client cleaned the floor monthly,  although particularly with the kitchen it never looked clean.

But they could not remove the ingrained soil from the Limestone tiles.

They were looking for a clean floor, that would continue to look clean and display the natural colours in the tiles, without having to scrub the Limestone on hands and knees.

After evaluating the situation, we recommended the following solution:

  • Remove any existing sealer residues.
  • Deep clean the tiles and the grout
  • Fill wide cracks in areas of grout.
  • Apply a long-lasting sealer
  • Implement a frequent and regular Limestone cleaning regime

Cleaning The Limestone And Grout

Before starting the Limestone cleaning process, I spent time protecting the woodwork and removing the kickboards from underneath the kitchen units.

Then working in sections I gave the floor a thorough vacuum to remove grit and dry soil.

I applied a dilution Limestone Tile Cleaner and left it for roughly ten minutes in order for it to soften the dirt and remaining sealer.

I then used a rotary scrubbing brush on the tiles and a stiff grout brush along the grout lines to scrub the solution in and release the dirt.

I removed the cleaning slurry using our pressurised rinse and capture equipment.

Limestone Floor In Thornborough After Cleaning

I repeated the cleaning until the soil and old sealer residues were removed.

Limestone Tiles Crack Filling

Cracks are a hazard in all stone floors and they can trap dirt, so it is best if they are filled with a suitably rigid filler.

If left alone the larger cracks can quickly become larger as their edges crumble and break up leading to the entire tile becoming unstable.

Limestone Floor Showing Ugly Cracks In The Grout

So the next job is to fill the wide cracks in the grout lines.

We used a high-quality white epoxy grout filler.

Limestone Floor In Thornborough After Repairing The Grout Lines


Once epoxy grout cures it goes very hard and is very resistant to foot traffic and chemical attack.

Sealing a Limestone Floor In Thornborough.

We offer a number of Limestone sealing options for this floor type.

After discussing the options with the customer, we decided on a Hybrid sealing system.

The sealer soaks deep into the surface of the stone like an impregnating sealer,  plus it is also

has a hard-wearing surface film.

Limestone Sealing In Thornborough Buckinghamshire

My client wanted a stronger white colour to the tiles, so I added a white pigment to the sealer.

The sealer protects the surface of the Limestone and the grout.

The sealer also gives more time to wipe spills before they damage the floor

Importantly, the sealer makes the floor much easier to clean.

Thanks for your hard work, the floor is looking great.

Sharon M

Limestone Maintenance Advice

I explained the importance of correct maintenance.

A sealed floor should not be wet mopped until the sealer has been allowed to fully cure.

If there is an accidental spill, carefully wipe it up with paper towels.

After sealing, leave the floor overnight before replacing furniture on the legs.

The sealer will still be partially cured so please and not drag furniture across the floor,  place it carefully.

Mats and items that will fully cover areas of the floor e.g. boxes should not be placed on the floor until the sealer has fully cured.

If you are looking for limestone cleaning Thornborough, or any other stone floor cleaning in Buckinghamshire, please drop me a line.

I’ll be happy to help.

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