Soiled Limestone Tiled Floor Cleaned And Sealed In Matlock Derbyshire

This Limestone Floor Cleaning Matlock project is about restoring a soiled Limestone tile floor that was difficult for my client to clean.

The limestone floor was only 2 years old, but it had gradually become dirty and cleaning wasn’t working.

My client had tried mopping and steam cleaning, but neither had kept the floor looking clean and inviting.


So my client was looking for a specialist Limestone cleaning service, to bring the colour back to their floor.

Is Limestone Hard To Maintain?

My client was frustrated that their cleaning efforts were not working.

I explained that Limestone is not hard to maintain if it is sealed correctly and maintained correctly.

I explained to my client that the reason for the floor getting dirty was a mixture of

  • too little sealer,
  • cleaning with strong cleaning chemicals
  • steam cleaning.

Not Enough Sealer

Limestone is a porous stone, so it needs plenty of impregnating sealer to offer a good level of protection.

The ideal way to protect limestone tiles is to seal the tiles before laying them, then apply more sealer after the tiles have been laid and grouted.

The only way to know if there is sufficient sealer is to test the sealer. Testing is a simple task and only needs a drop of water, a paper towel and a watch.

Apply a roop of clean water and then leave it for 15 minutes.

If the water has soaked in, there is not enough sealer.

If there is still water, then remove it with a paper towel.

If there is a ghost mark from the water, there is not enough sealer.

Water test showing a ghost mark where the water has soaked into the stone

My client was pretty sure that the tiles had not been sealed before installation and they were not sure if the floor had actually been sealed after installation.

Cleaning With Strong Cleaners

Limestone, like Marble, is formed from calcium, which is very sensitive to acid and alkaline.

Acids and Alkaline cleaning products erode or ‘eat away’ natural surfaces like stone floors, tiles, countertops and mosaics – and damage any protective sealer that’s been applied.

So these surfaces should always be cleaned with a gentle pH-neutral product, that will not attack the stone or the sealer.

Can You Steam Clean Limestone?

Steam cleaning isn’t recommended for cleaning Limestone tiles because it can damage both the stone and any sealer or surface protection.

do not steam clean a limestone floor

Repeated use of a steam cleaner weakens the surface of the stone leading to spalling or fragmentation of the surface.

Also, repeated use of a steam cleaner can expose new fissures and capillaries in the stone.

These exposed areas will not be sealed and they will absorb soil,  so the floor needs more frequent cleaning, leading to more exposed stone and a gradually dirtier floor.

Limestone Cleaning Service To The Rescue

After surveying the floor I could see that the tiles and gout were still in good condition, so a deep clean and application of a suitable sealer will restore the floor to its original finish.

I explained that I could clean and seal the floor, however, they will need to clean the floor regularly using the correct cleaning solution to maintain the appearance.

If they neglected the floor or used strong floor cleaning chemicals, they would quickly strip out the sealers and the floor would start to absorb soils, quickly starting to look dirty.

My client was happy with my limestone floor cleaning Matlock proposal and appreciated the need for regular maintenance.

How To Deep Clean Limestone In Matlock

I started by giving the floor a thorough vacuum to remove grit and dry soil.

This stops grit from scratching the floor during the scrubbing stage.

Working in sections, I wetted out the floor with clean water.

This is an important, but often neglected stage in cleaning porous stone like Limestone.

Wetting the floor stops the cleaning solution from being absorbed straight into the stone before it can do its job of breaking down the soils on the surface of the stone.

I applied a dilution Limestone Tile Cleaner and left it for roughly ten minutes in order for it to soften the dirt.

scrubbing the limestone floor


I then used a rotary scrubbing machine and proprietary cleaning pads to clean the surface of the tiles.

Our cleaning pads are extremely effective at cleaning delicate surfaces without excessive abrasion.

Then I used a medium grade scrubbing brush to help remove soil from the grout lines.

I removed the cleaning slurry with pressurised rinse and capture equipment.

pressure rinsing a travertine floor

I repeated the cleaning and rinsing until the floor was as clean as I could get it.

Sealing Limestone Tiles On A Tiled Kitchen & Dining Room Floor

We offer a number of Limestone sealing products for this Limestone.

As the floor was still quite new, my clients wanted a natural-looking low-sheen finish

After discussing the options, we decided on a limestone floor sealing impregnating sealer followed by a hard-wearing floor wax.

limestone floor after sealing

I applied a high-solids impregnating sealer and left the sealer overnight to dry.

Waxing The Limestone Floor

Natural wax can give a beautiful satin finish that will last for years when it is maintained properly.

I returned the following day to apply two coats of surface wax.


beautiful silk finish limestone floor

The wax gives a beautiful silk finish and acts as a sacrificial wear layer, protecting the surface of the Limestone and the grout.

The  wax also gives more time to wipe spills before they damage the floor

Importantly, the wax makes the floor much easier to clean.

Thanks David a great job. Really happy with how it has turned out

Limestone Aftercare Advice

A sealed and waxed floor will protect your tiles from staining and enhance the appearance, however, the protection will wear down over time.

The floor must be cleaned with a cleaner made for cleaning wax surfaces such as LTP Waxwash and Lithofin Wash and Clean.

If the surface starts to dull, the area can be freshened up with Lithofin Care Sheen or re-waxed.

If the floor is not maintained properly, dirt can become ingrained in the pores of the tile.

So if you do want to keep your stone floor looking its best, ensure there is always a good coating of protection.

If you need limestone floor cleaning Matlock or have a stone floor in Matlock or the surrounding area that you need help with, please drop me a line.

I’ll be happy to help.

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