Marble Cleaning And Sealing Project In Colchester Essex

How much does it cost to get marble polished?

This marble cleaning and sealing project in Colchester demonstrates the work and costs involved in a mid-price marble polishing project.

This lovely marble floor in Colchester, Essex had taken a lot of traffic wear.

  • The surface was dull
  • There were lots of scratches and scuffs
  • The scratches were filled with soil
  • Mopping could not get the floor clean.
  • The tiles were quite even, so the floor did not need grinding
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Marble Cleaning And Polishing In Colchester

I started by cleaning the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine and a polypropylene marble cleaning brush.

The marble needed cleaning because the grout was quite soiled.

The grout sits below the level of the tiles, so the honing and polishing process may not clean the grout.

So it is good practice to clean the marble before boning.

Marble Honing In Colchester

Marble honing is similar to wood sanding. The main difference is that marble honing used diamonds, whereas wood sanding uses sandpaper.

Marble honing with coarse diamonds removes a small amount of the surface, removing and light scuffs and scratches.

Marble honing with finer diamonds gradually smooths the surface creating a smooth polished finish.

Marble Polishing In Colchester

Marble Polishing Colchester Essex By Abbey Floor Care 00001

Marble honing with very fine diamonds creates a shiny finish, but not a deep gloss.

A deep lustrous reflection is created using marble polishing powder.

The polishing powder is mixed with water to create a thin cream consistency. The solution is buffed into the surface of the marble to creat the final beautiful shine.

Marble Sealing In Colchester

Marble is a porous stone, so marble sealing is essential.

Today, there are a number of sealing options available, so I discussed the options and agreed the best sealr for my client’s situation.

We decided on a solvent impregnating sealer. The sealaer soaks into the surface of the marble , helping stop water and oils soaking into the marble.

However, an impregnating sealer will not stop acid spills etching the marble.

Spills must be cleaned as soon as possible or they will soak into the marble, creating stains.

Finally explained that the seal would not protect the floor from abrasive wear.

So the traffic areas would need polishing again in a couple of years.

The Cost For This Marble Cleaning Project in Colchester

This project was solidly in the £45.00 to £55.00 per square metre range.

As you can imagine, I can’t divulge the final cost. However, the floor was in the 50 to 75 square metres size, so you can get an idea of the costs involved.

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