Polishing A Dull Marble Floor In Langstone Newport To A Beautiful Deep Gloss

This marble floor in Langstone, Newport had been installed for around 10 years. It was showing its age as tiles were scratched and dull. The marble was getting more difficult to look clean.

Marble Polishing Langstone Newport Before 03 Abbey Floor Care

Abbey Floor Care was chosen to carry out the polishing work. The flooring covered a sizeable hallway, w/c, kitchen, landing area, small staircase and sitting and dining area.

Project Requirements For The Marble Polishing Work

  • Remove scratches and areas of damage
  • Remove the lippage created by uneven tiles
  • Apply a high quality impregnating sealer
  • A high gloss finish

Abbey Floor Care’s Solution

The floors were ground using metal sintered diamonds. The grinding process removed the old surface and the lippage. After the marble grinding, the floors had a flat, even surface.

Lippage Marble Grinding Langstone Newport Abbey Floor Care

The floors were diamond-honed to remove the scratches created by the grinding process and prepare the floors for diamond polishing.

Marble Grinding Honong Langstone Newport Abbey Floor Care
This image demonstrates how the honing process in the upper half of the image has removed the scratches created by the grinding process

The marble surface was polished to a deep gloss using marble polishing powder.

Marble Floor Langstone Newport After Polishing Abbey Floor Care

The marble was finally treated with a high quality impregnating Sealer. The impregnating sealer sits inside the surface of the marble, leaving the deep gloss finish.

The client was absolutely thrilled with the marble restoration work.