Edwardian Clay Tiles Repair And Cleaning Burton upon Trent

Edwardian Clay Tile Floors in Burton needed cleaning and repair. I had originally planned one day to clean, grout and seal the floor. However, once I arrived I could see that a particular area of loose tiles needed subfloor repair.

Loose Edwardian Clay Tiles Burton On Trent Abbey Floor Care

The subfloor under the Minton style tiles had moved, lifting some tiles and opening some of the grout lines. Some of the loose tiles had been relayed previously, but it was a poor repair. I lifted the loose tiles and carefully removed the old adhesive and smoothed the subfloor to allow the tiles to sit flat. I relayed and grouted the tiles and left the floor overnight for the adhesive to dry.

Loose Edwardian Clay Tiles After Cleaning And Relaying Burton On Trent Abbey Floor Care


The next day, I cleaned both floors and grout filled the areas of lost grout. I used a black grout the grout on the rest of the floor looked black.

Edwardian Clay Tile Floor After Cleaning And Sealing Burton On Trent Staffordshire Abbey Floor Care

I applied a high-quality impregnating sealer to both floors once they had dried.

Pretty Edwardian Clay Tiles After Cleaning Burton On Trent Abbey Floor Care

I suggested the floor should be waxed once the sealer had dried, and any efflorescence had ceased. My client was more than happy to undertake the waxing.