Grout Restoration Braintree Abbey Floor Care

Porcelain Grout Restoration Cleaning And Sealing Project In Braintree Essex

The homeowners were not happy with the grout in this Porcelain Tiles floor in Braintree. They wanted a white grout, but the installer used an off-white grout that looked slightly grey. Also, the grout was finished much lower than the tiles, trapping mopping slurry.

This was a shame because the installer had used an epoxy grout, which is extremely hard-wearing and stain-resistant. I needed to remove most of the grout to ensure that the new grout would remain in place. As the original grout was epoxy, removing the grout took some time.

Grout Removal Braintree Abbey Floor Care
Removing old grout from the floor. Grout floor restoration project in Braintree Essex by Abbey Floor Care

Once sufficient old grout was removed, I regrouted the tiles with white epoxy grout. I left the grout flush with the surface of the tiles, making cleaning much easier.

Grout Floor Restoration Braintree Abbey Floor Care
After grouting and removing grout residue from porcelain tiles floor. Then polishing floor back to a beautiful finish. Grout floor restoration project in Braintree Essex by Abbey Floor CareGrout Restoration Braintree

Finally, I applied an impregnating sealer to the floor to help make cleaning easier.

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