Sandstone Sealing St Helens Abbey Floor Care

Sandstone Cleaning And Sealing Project In St. Helens Merseyside

This sandstone floor  in St. Helens, had been laid to match the sandstone on the surrounding patio area. The client specified a red grout to contrast with the Grey sandstone.

The installers got grout on their fingers and left grout marks on the surface of the tiles.

Sandstone Sealing St Helens Abbey Floor Care
Ugly Grout marks on the sandstone accentuated by the sealer

The homeowner had used strong brick acid-based cleaner to remove the sealer, but the acid made the sealer opaque over most of the floor.

Sandstone Sealing St Helens Abbey Floor Care
Acid cleaner damaged sealer

First I removed all the grout residues using a diamond rotary sander. This particular sealer is difficult to remove. However, after two days, I had removed all traces of the sealer.

Finally I re-applied the sealer to give a uniform finish.

Sandstone Sealing St Helens Abbey Floor Care
All sealer and grout residue removed – starting sealing

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