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Cleaning And Sealing Slate Floor In Abergavenny – Abbey Floor Care

This slate cleaning Abergavenny project focuses on cleaning a large area of Brazilian slate tile floors in a home in Abergavenny.

The tiles were originally sourced from Mandarin Stone and installed 3 years ago.

Following advice from the supplier, my client sealed the floor with a neutral impregnating sealer, followed by a coat of natural floor wax.

With The Wrong Sealer, A Slate Floor Can Be Difficult To Maintain

With three large dogs in the home, my client found it difficult to keep the wax finish clean.

They had to scrub the floor to remove the surface soils but found it difficult to remove soil from the grout lines.

Dull And Soiled Slate Floor In Abergavenny

Also, my client did not enjoy having to deep clean the floor annually and then applying a new coat of finishing wax, only for it to get dirty again within a few months.

Considering the overall area was around 2,000 square feet, I can understand their frustrations.

After three years, they had suffered enough and contacted the tile supplier for advice.

After discussing the situation, the supplier agreed that a wax finish was not appropriate for this installation.

What Should An Ideal Slate Sealer Give You

My client started investigating alternative finishes that would:

  • display the natural colours in the tiles
  • have a pleasant satin finish
  • be easy to clean without having to scrub on hands and knees
  • last for a number of years
  • not need to be reapplied every year

My client visited our website and saw the alternative sealing options we offer.

Our Hybrid Slate Sealer – A Sure-Fire Winner

After discussing the situation, I recommended deep cleaning the floor and sealing the slate with our CeeTech hybrid slate sealer.

CeeTechh sealer is a powerful resin-based impregnating and film-forming sealer.

The resin soaks deep into the surface of the slate just like an Impregnating sealer.

However, being a resin, the sealer bonds to the pores of the tiles, making them tougher and more hard-wearing.

Being a resin, the sealer creates a thin,  hard-wearing surface film, giving added protection to the surface of the slate.

The result is a beautiful, hard-wearing satin finish.

The homeowner agreed to my quote and we set a date to restore the Slate.

Slate Cleaning Abergavenny – The Way To A New Finish

On the day I arrived the customer had prepared the work area by removing all small items of furniture.

My first step in the Slate cleaning process was to brush and vacuum the area to remove any loose debris.

I protected walls static furnishings with plastic sheeting as I had to use powerful cleaners to dissolve the existing wax coating.

Working in manageable areas, I applied our wax and coating remover and allowed it to soften the wax coating.

Slate Floor Cleaning bergavenny

Then I used a rotary scrubbing machine to break the wax off the surface of the tiles ready for removal.

I removed the dirty slurry with our rinse and capture equipment.

I repeated the cleaning and rinsing until the soil and old sealer residues were removed, then moved on to the next area.

It took me two and a half days to clean all of the floors.

Slate Sealing In Abergavenny.

We offer a number of Slate sealing options for this slate cleaning Abergavenny project.

However, as I mentioned earlier, we had decided on using our CeeTech Hybrid Sealer.

Importantly, the sealer also makes the floor much easier to clean.

I applied the sealer using a 9-inch hand applicator.

Sealing A Slate Floor In Abergavsnny Monmouthshire

After a couple of minutes, the sealer is polished off using lint-free cloths.

The sealer takes six to eight hours to dry.

As you can imagine, it took a full day to apply one coat of sealer.

The next day, I applied a second coat for maximum protection.

A Sealed Slate FLoor In Abergavenny

My client was delighted with the results.

Wow, what a lovely finish, the floor looks better than when it was installed. Thank you, David.

Slate Floor Aftercare Guide

CeeTech is one of the more hard-wearing sealers, ideal for this slate cleaning Abergvenny project.

With normal wear conditions and correct maintenance, the sealer will last at least 5 years before areas may need topping up.

In light traffic areas, it can last for 10 to 15 years.

However, it is still good practice to check the sealer every year to make sure there it is still giving good protection.

If you do need to top up the sealer in areas of extreme wear, you don’t have to worry about stripping off the old sealer.

It is a simple job to deep clean the area and then top up the sealer.

If you are looking for slate cleaning Abergavenny or the surrounding area that you need help with, please drop me a line.

I’ll be happy to help.

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