Cleaning And Sealing Slate Floors In Priddy Somerset Abbey Floor Care

Cleaning And Sealing A Slate Floor In Priddy Somerset

Slate Cleaning Sealing Priddy Project

This slate cleaning sealing Priddy project is about a slate floor in a refurbished kitchen and hallway in Priddy, Somerset, needing cleaning. I deep cleaned the floor to remove the old sealer, soil and other refurbishment marks. I sealed the floors with a long-lasting film-forming sealer.

My client was delighted with the work.

Our Slate floor was looking a bit old, very dirty, dull with grout coming loose in places.

David did a great job with the floor and now it looks amazing.

Michael B.

If you need slate cleaning sealing priddy or any other stone floor cleaning services in Somerset, drop me a line, I will be happy to help.

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