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Our Specialized Stone Floor Cleaning And Polishing Services In Glasgow Described

Marble Polishing Glasgow

Marble Polishing Glasgow

An initial polish on a marble floor will gradually dull. This damage to the surface is due to traffic scratching and surface etching Eventually, the floor will need to be repolished.

We use industrial diamond polishing to grind, hone and polish the floor and rebuild the original shine.

The majority of marble tile floors are uneven as the marble tiles are not installed level. The only method to make a marble tile floor smooth is by grinding away the lippage and uneven edges of the tiles. That is a complicated process but the the finished results are amazing.

Following grinding, the marble will be flush with the grout. The marble looks "monolithic", appearing to be manufactured from a single piece of stone.

Maintaining a ground and polished marble floor is similar to cleaning an individual piece of glass. There are no uneven grout deressions to hold soil. Holes, chips and crack repairs in many cases are an element of the marble restoration service. Once we have assessed your floor, we will suggest on the optimum marble restoration process.

Find out about our Marble Polishing Glasgow services along with our substantial professional cleaning  service or Book a Quote.

Travertine Cleaning Anderston

Travertine Cleaning Anderston

A Travertine floor has a permeable structure, with a lot of holes. Travertine floor tiles come in a variety of finishes, smooth honed, tumbled and polished. As the travertine wears, the hole filler comes away, and the holes fill up with awful dirt and soil.

Working to the highest standard, restoration businesses have specialist machines and cleaners to remove the soil and old sealer residues on a Travertine floor.

As soon as the Travertine floor tiles and the holes are cleaned, any open holes are grout filled using a colour matched grout. Finally, we use specialist sealers that will last for a long time to safeguard the Travertine floor.

Learn moreabout our Travertine cleaning Anderston service and also our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning systems or get a free Quote->>

Limestone Cleaning Balornock

Limestone Cleaning Balornock

The original surface on Limestone tiles will bit by bit loose its shine. The damage to the surface is due to traffic scratching and etch marks Limestone Polishing is the only way to restore the original finish. We use diamond polishing machinery to bring back the initial appearance.

If the tiles are not really, perfectly even this problem is referred to as "lippage". A Limestone floor is smoothed by grinding off the lippage and irregular tile edges. You must have specialist equipment and many years of Limestone grinding and polishing to grind, hone and polish a Limestone floor, nevertheless the final result is stunning. The Limestone looks "monolithic", appearing to be made from an individual area of stone.

Following grinding, the tiles and the grout are at the same level. After grinding honing and polishing cleaning is a piece of cake, because the mop slides over the floor. There are no grout lines to retain soil. If your Limestone has chips and cracks, we can repair the damage with resin fillers, colour matched with the Limestone. We can recommend the correct restoration process.

Find outabout our Limestone cleaning Balornock services plus our substantial stone floor cleaning restoration service or Book your free Quote->>

Terrazzo Polishing Blackhill

Terazzo Polishing Blackhill

Terrazzo has been utilized for thousands of years as a decorative flooring In the long run, Terrazzo will end up dull and lose its finish. Minute scratches and etch marks build up and damage the original surface.

Ultimately, the Terrazzo will have to be polished to the highest standard. We use diamond polishing equipment to grind the Terrazzo and restore the initial finish. After cleaning and polishing, we apply specialised Terrazzo sealers.

Find out moreabout our Terrazzo Polishing Blackhill service and also our comprehensive stone floor cleaning restoration service or get a free Quote

Granite Polishing Broomhouse

Granite Polishing Broomhouse

Granite is widely used in commercial and home interiors. Granite is a tremendously hard wearing tile flooring, well suited for heavy-duty traffic areas. Granite flooring wears longer than alternative natural stones, like limestone or marble.

Granite is so hard, that many companies don't have the gear or knowledge to restore the stone. We offer the full array of Granite cleaning and restoration services. to the highest standard.

Find outabout our Granite polishing Cowlairs work including our substantial stone floor cleaning restoration systems or Book a Quote

Sandstone Cleaning And Sealing Carmyle

Sandstone Cleaning Carmyle

Sandstone is created mostly of quartz, iron oxide, silica and calcium based deposits that makes it a very stable stone. Sandstone can end up with ingrained soil which makes it look dull and hard to clean.

Professionals use rotary brushing machines, coating removers and pressurised rinsing to completely clean the sandstone Once the sandstone is clean, we give it time to dry, then use a durable, easy to clean sealer. Once we inspect your floor, we can help you regarding the best restoration process.

Learn more about our Sandstone cleaning Carmyle service and also our substantial stone floor cleaning  solutions or Book a Quote

Slate Cleaning And Sealing Cowlairs

Slate Cleaning Cowlairs

Slate is a remarkably functional stone that may be sealed with a range of finishes from rough texture, smooth honed or polished surface. Slate needs regular sealing to avoid soil and spills marking the appearance.

We have specialist machines and chemical treatments to remove the soil and old sealers, rejuvenating the original slate finish. Once the professional cleaning is completed, use specialised sealers that last for a long time not months.

If you've got a suitable slate, it may be ground smooth, making it much easier to clean.

Find out more about our Slate cleaning and sealing Cowlairs service and our entire stone cleaning  solutions or Book a Quote

Terracotta Cleaning And Sealing Hillington

Terracotta Cleaning Hillington

Terracotta doesn't have glaze on top, therefore it will soak up spills and soil very quickly.

Terracotta is very porous therefore it is necessary to protect it with some protective sealer.

Industrial grade sealer removers and cleaners help in removing old coatings and dirt, while saving the attractive finish.

Whilst we can seal Terracotta with Boiled linseed oil and wax, we recommend a tough synthetic sealer that will work for years, with minimal maintenance.

Read moreabout our Terracotta cleaning and sealing Hillington services in addition to our extensive stone cleaning  services or Book a Quote

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning And Sealing Hillpark

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning Hillpark

Victorian Clay or Minton geometric tiles are laid in Victorian and Edwardian Hallways.

Victorian tiles are made from natural clay and have a normal matt finish.

With the changes in residential decor, these kinds of floors come with carpet underlay, lino adhesive, bitumen and other adhesive deposits.

The main concerns with victorian floor tiles is removing several of polished, oils, dirt, waxes and grime without doing damage to the floor tiles.

After cleaning, the initial colours of the tiles can look dull, so we apply a colour intensifying impregnating sealer to bring back the initial depth of colour. Topical sealers and waxes can give the floor a sheen or glossy finish.

Get more informationabout our Victorian Minton Tiles cleaning and sealing Hillpark services and also our comprehensive professional cleaningtreatments or Book a Quote

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Hurlet

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Hurlet

Quarry tile flooring is normally many years old and often needs a complete professional clean and restoration to restore it back into life.

One universal problem is old coatings of sealer that should be taken off.

Whilst the tiles may appear dirty and discoloured, they are remarkably durable and can look just like new after an effective clean. If the tiles are laid on sand, ash or lime, put on sealers that allow the free transfer of moisture.

Find outabout our Quarry Tiles cleaning Hurlet  floor restoration service as well as our extensive professional cleaning solutions or Book a Quote

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning And Polishing Langside

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Langside

Porcelain is a kind of ceramic tile.

The additional minerals helps make Porcelain stronger than standard ceramic tiles.

If Porcelain is not manufactured correctly, the top can absorb soil just like natural stone floors. It may be hard to remove this soil.

We are able to get rid of ingrained soil with equipment designed to enter into the microscopic pits holding the soil.

After cleaning, we use specific Porcelain sealers to avoid this problem.

Solid color Porcelain can be ground and restored just like Granite or Marble.

Discover more about our Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Langside floor restoration services and also our extensive professional cleaning solutions or Book a Quote.

Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Service Pollok

Ceramic Tiles And Grout Cleaning Pollok

Professional cleaning of Ceramic tile floors can often take a shorter time than natural stone floors or clay tiles..

Generally, the glazed finish releases ingrained soil and dirt more easily.

Nevertheless, specialist tile and stone cleaning does give your floor a cleaner appearance.

Following cleaning and restoration we will put on a specialist sealer. Cleaning is much simpler with a sealed tile floor, plus the sealer stops spills becoming stains.

Discover more about our Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Langside cleaning method in addition to our extensive professional stone floor cleaning systems or Book a Quote with the help of a business that works to the highest standard in stone restoration.

Stone Restoration And Cleaning. Tradeston

There in many cases are aspects of natural stone restoration when natural stone floor cleaning. Natural stone restoration covers a number of services. All stone floors have problems with surface damage and general wear problems. In most cases, dirt, stains and traffic scrapes affect floor's finish, subsequently the need for stone restoration. Highly polished floors like terrazzo, marble and granite reveal surface damage a lot quicker because the lustre gets dull from traffic scratching. A surface sealer does not prevent permeable natural stone and tiles like Limestone, Sandstone and Terracotta gradually struggling with wear and spill damage.

Most stone and tile flooring has grout. Grimy grout is a very common problem to be solved on natural stone and tile floors. Cracks, chips and hole repairs are frequently part of the restoration work.

Etching and scratches are usually taken away by resurfacing.Natural stone has got the advantage that a soiled, porous finish can be taken off, unveiling an attractive new surface.

Polishing Stone Floors

Over time a natural stone floor will loose its original shine. The loss of shine is brought on by minute scratches on the stone where it was stepped on. Ultimately, the stone tiles will have to be polished.

On marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Polished Limestone and Polished Travertine floors, the highest standard diamonds are employed to take away the surface wear and recover the original sparkle. Gloss sealers produce the shine on Sandstone, Honed Travertine, Slate, Clay and Honed Limestone tiles. Sealer removing products are used to take away all traces of the old sealer, after which a new gloss-finish sealer is applied.

Stone Floor Cleaning Glasgow
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Local Information

Glasgow , also UK: /??l??z?o?, ??l??s?o?/,;Scots: Glesca or Glesga [??lez??]; Scottish Gaelic: Glaschu [?kl??as??xu] is the most populous city in Scotland .

Glasgow is the third most populous city in the United Kingdom, with an estimated city population of 612,040 in 2016 .

Historically, but now no longer, part of Lanarkshire, the city now forms the Glasgow City council area, one of the 32 council areas of Scotland; the local authority is Glasgow City Council .

Glasgow is situated on the River Clyde in the country’s West Central Lowlands .

It is the fifth most visited city in the UK .

Glasgow grew from a small rural settlement on the River Clyde to become the largest seaport in Scotland, and tenth largest by tonnage in Britain .

Expanding from the medieval bishopric and royal burgh, and the later establishment of the University of Glasgow in the 15th century, it became a major centre of the Scottish Enlightenment in the 18th century .

From the 18th century onwards, the city also grew as one of Great Britain’s main hubs of transatlantic trade with North America and the West Indies .

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, the population and economy of Glasgow and the surrounding region expanded rapidly to become one of the world’s pre-eminent centres of chemicals, textiles and engineering; most notably in the shipbuilding and marine engineering industry, which produced many innovative and famous vessels .

Glasgow was the “Second City of the British Empire” for much of the Victorian era and Edwardian period, having taken the mantle from pre-independence Dublin, which was largely recognised the second city during the Georgian era although many other cities argue the title was theirs, not Glasgow’s .

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Glasgow’s population grew rapidly, reaching a peak of 1,127,825 people in 1938 .

Comprehensive urban renewal projects in the 1960s resulted in large-scale relocation of people to designated new towns, such as Cumbernauld, Livingston, East Kilbride and peripheral suburbs, followed by successive boundary changes .

This process reduced the population of the City of Glasgow council area to an estimated 626,410 in 2019, with 985,290 people living in the defined Greater Glasgow contiguous urban area as of 2016 .

The wider metropolitan area is home to over 1,800,000 people, equating to around 33% of Scotland’s population .

The city has one of the highest densities of any locality in Scotland at 4,023/km2 .

Glasgow hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the first European Championships in 2018; and is also well known in the sporting world for football particularly the Old Firm rivalry between Celtic and Rangers, rugby, athletics, tennis, golf and swimming .

Today, Glasgow has a diverse architectural scene, one of the key factors leading visitors to the city .

From the city centre sprawling with grand Victorian buildings, to the many glass and metal edifices in the International Financial Services District to the serpentine terraces of blonde and red sandstone in the fashionable west end and the imposing mansions which make up Pollokshields, on the south side .

The banks of the River Clyde are also dotted with a plethora of futuristic-looking buildings which include Riverside Museum, Glasgow Science Centre, the SSE Hydro and the SEC Armadillo .

Examples of Stone Floor Restoration Projects

Cleaning A Well Used Sandstone Floor

stone floor

Originally, this Limestone floor was stunning but was now overdue for some love and care to restore it back to its’ former glory.

Working in sections, I applied Limestone Wax And Sealer Remover and left it for 30 minutes to soften the old waxes and sealers.

I used a rotary scrubbing machine to agitate the softened surface finish and vacuumed away the old residues.

Then I deep cleaned the floor and grout with a rotary scrubbing machine. I also used my pressurised Rinse and Capture equipment, to help remove ingrained soils in the grout and surface pits.

There was a large, ugly crack in the doorway to the sitting room. I opened the crack with a diamond cutting …Read More

Restoring A Well Worn Travertine Floor

stone floor

This 15 years old Travertine floor had seen better days.

The tiles and grout had ingrained soil. There were lots of collapsed holes across the floor. The holes had filled with soil.

My client had tried to keep the floor clean, but over time, her efforts were having less effect.

I deep cleaned the Travertine with a rotary scrubbing machine. Then I pressure rinsed the floor to remove ingrained soil from the holes and the grout.

I filled the holes, tile by tile, with Mapei Grout.

I sealed the floor with several coats of film-forming sealer.

The floor now looks clean and beautiful. My client now has a beautiful floor finish that will give years of s…Read More

Restoration Of A Terrazzo Floor

stone floor

Terrazzo terrace floors and skirtings needed grinding and honing to remove the soiled surface and create a new surface. After honing, I applied an impregnating sealer to help protect the floors and make them easier to clean. My client was extremely satisfied with the work.

Read More

How THis Terrazzo Polishing Project Delighted My Client

stone floor

Restoring a 1930's Terrazzo hallway floor.

I had to undertake a number of repairs in doorways and where removing gripper nails had left ugly holes.

After completing the repairs I ground and polished the floor to a high shine.

Finally, I applied a high-quality impregnating sealer.

Read More