Terrazzo Floor Restoration Stourbridge – Abbey Floor Care

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Stourbridge – Abbey Floor Care

This terrazzo floor restoration project in Kinver, Stourbridge  is the completion of a project shown here.

The onset of rain meant that we could not complete the terrazzo floor polishing work on the outdoor patio area until there was a period of sustained dry weather.

When we returned to the site to complete the terrazzo skirting, edges and facings.

terrazzo restoration stourbridge - Abbey Floor Care


This image above shows the terrazzo weather damaged and stained skirting.

terrazzo floor restoration stourbridge - Abbey Floor Care

The image above shows how the weather has worn and stained the Portland cement in the terrazzo.

We are often asked “how to clean Terrazzo floors yourself” from do it yourself enthusiasts. This project is a great example of why terrazzo floor restoration is best left to professionals.

The first reason is the need for the right equipment and the cost of this equipment.

  • An M  class vacuum for the fine grinding dust
  • A variable speed hand grinder
  • An eccentric sanding machine with a soft head attachment
  • Dry use diamond grinding and honing pads
  • 110v transformer
  • personal protective equipment

The equipment cost alone for this work is over £2,000.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Process

We started the project by polishing the horizontal faces of the skirting with the  variable speed hand grinder and diamond grinding pads.

The curved section at the base of the skirting and the face was restored with  the eccentric sanding machine  using a soft head attachment for the internal curves in the skirting.

image of how to clean terrazzo skirting - Abbey Floor Care

The image above shows the finished results following the restoration of the terrazzo skirting.

I ground and honed the terrazzo edges and faces using the hand held grinder and diamond pads.

The pictures below show the finished terrazzo stone floor renovation.

cleaning terrazzo floors stourbridge

The image above shows the facing of the terrazzo patio during the restoration process. The dark area of the facing shows the original staining on the stone.

how to clean old terrazzo floors stourbridge - Abbey Floor Care

The pictures above and below shows the terrazzo patio facing after grinding and honing, revealing a beautiful clean terrazzo finish.

showing how to clean terrazzo stourbridge - Abbey Floor Care

As the floor is outdoors, I applied a high quality synthetic sealer specially made for outdoor use. These sealers have a strong solvent smell as they dry, so they are not recommended for use indoors. The sealers also contain ingredients to protect them from the damaging effects of ultra violet light.

I hope you found this project interesting and informative. If you are looking for help with terrazzo floor restoration or terrazzo floor polishing please use the simple contact form below and we will be happy to help you.

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