A Beautiful Restored Terrazzo Floor For A New Cafe Pizza Restaurant In Burton-on-Trent

A Beautiful Restored Terrazzo Floor For A New Cafe Pizza Restaurant In Burton-on-Trent

This Terrazzo restoration Burton-on-Trent project came about as our client had purchased an ex-East Midland Electricity Board building in Burton-Upon-Trent and found a lovely Terrazzo floor hidden under the carpet tiles.

They were refurbishing the building into a Pizza restaurant and searched for a  Terrazzo floor restoration specialist to restore the floor to a new clean finish.

The main issues to be resolved by the Terrazzo restoration were:

  • the ingrained soil in the surface of the Terrazzo
  • staining
  • carpet glue residue
  • floor cracks
  • damaged service hatch tiles

The work was carried out over a period of 3 weeks to accommodate the other trades in the restoration of the building.

I started by cleaning out the cracks on the floor with diamond burrs.

terrazzo floor restoration burton on trent staffordshire

Then I filled the cracks with epoxy filler.

terrazzo polishing company burton-on-trent-staffordshire

I also filled the cracks in the service hatch tiles with epoxy resin.

The floor was then left for a couple of weeks while the other contractors carried on with their refurbishment work.

Terrazzo Restoration Burton-on-Trent – Removing Soiled Stained Surface

I returned after a couple of weeks to grind, hone and seal one half of the floor. I ground the floor with my planetary grinding machine and 50 grit diamond terrazzo grinding tooling.

terrazzo cleaning company burton-on-trent-staffordshire

Then I honed the floor to a 100 grit honed finish.

terrazzo restoration company burton-on-trent-staffordshire

As the edges of the floor were also very soiled and stained.edge grinding terrazzo floor burton on trent staffordshire

I used hand grinding and polishing tools to restore the edges.

terrazzo repair company burton on trent staffordshire

Also to restore the damaged service hatches.

terrazzo polishing service burton-on-trent-staffordshire

terrazzo floor cleaning service burton-on-trent-staffordshire

Terrazzo Sealing Burton-on-Trent

I left the floor overnight to dry out, then sealed the floor with a high-quality Urethane Terrazzo Floor Sealer.

terrazzo floor sealing burton on trent staffordshire

My client was thrilled with the results as the before and after photos below show.

terrazzo cleaning burton-on-trent-staffordshire


abbey floor care terrazzo grinding service burton on trent staffordshire

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