Terrazzo Floor Restoration In Lickey Worcestershire By Abbey Floor Care (1)

Restoring A Terrazzo Floor In Lickey Worcestershire

Terrazzo restoration in Lickey Worcestershire. A number of holes and chips had to be filled. The repairs were left overnight then ground smooth the next day. The floor was ground to remove the old surface. The floor was coated with a densifying solution to strengthen the Terrazzo. The next day, the Terrazzo was honed, polished to a high shine. I applied a colour-enhancing impregnating sealer to help protect the floor.

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Repairing A Terazzo Floor In Lickey Worcestershire Abbey Floor Care
Grinding Terrazzo Floors In Lickey Abbey Floor Care
Grinding Edges Of Terrazzo Floors In Lickey Abbey Floor Care
Terrazzo Restoration Lickey Worcestershire Abbey Floor Care