Terrazzo Repair, Terrazzo Polishing And Sealing In Wandsworth London

This Terrazzo restoration Wandsworth project arose because my colleague Nick Thompson of Premfloor had a contract to restore a Terrazzo Toilet area in an old Nat West Bank Listed building in Wandsworth.

Premfloor asked for my help as they had a lot of projects on the go at the time.

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The Terrazzo floor was stunning but was now overdue for some love and care to restore it back to its’ former glory.

Soiled Terrazzo In Wandsword Starting Restoration

Client Comments:

The room looks great, thank you for your hard work on our Terrazzo restoration Wandsworth project.

Terrazzo Restoration Wandsworth Project – Restore Terrazzo Walls And Floors

We used metal diamond tooling to remove the old, stained Terrazzo from the walls and floors.

This was quite a lengthy process as we had to use hand equipment on the walls.

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The walls and floor were then diamond honed to a low-sheen finish.

The grinding process generates a lot of dust. So we used high-quality dust management equipment.

Terrazzo Hole Repair

We removed lots of old wall plugs.  Also, window security bars had been cut off at the wall, so we hammered the remaining parts of the bars into the wall.

Terrazzo Rpairs - Old Security Bars

We cleaned the holes and filled them with colour matched Terrazzo.

Filling Holes In Terrazzo Walls

Finally, we smoothed the repairs to the surface of the wall.

Terrazzo Crack Repairs

The Terrazzo walls had vertical expansion joints to help minimise cracking. However, there were lots of cracks on the walls, which is not surprising, considering its age.

We cleaned the larger cracks on the walls and floors to prepare them for filling. Then, we filled the cracks with colour-matched cement grout and left the grout overnight to dry. When the repairs had dried, we sanded the repairs smooth.

Terrsazzo Crack Repair Wandsworth Abbey Floor Care

Terrazzo Floor Repair

There were three cracked Terrazzo access panels in the floor, covering an old services channel. We were asked to completely fill the channel, as it was no longer needed.

We removed all old access panels and associated metal works. Then filled the channel with concrete to 15mm below the floor level.

Concrete Filling Floor Channel In Wandsworth

When the concrete had cured, we filled the repair with colour-matched yellow Terrazzo.

Once the Terrazzo had cured, we honed and polished the repair and the floor to a low-sheen finish.

Terrazzo Floor Repair After

Terrazzo Sealing

Finally, we applied a high-quality Terrazzo sealer to help protect the new finish.

Terrazzo Sealing Wandsworth London Abbey Floor Care

Terrazzo Cleaning Advice

We gave the client cleaning instructions to help prolong the finish. It is important to use specialist Terrazzo cleaners because the standard floor and wall cleaners will degrade the sealer and make the Portland Cement porous.