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Would You Like Your Travertine Kitchen Floor Polished Like This?

This Travertine polishing Sutton Coldfield project shows how a dull  honed travertine floor can be restored to a beautiful finish

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The floor was laid about 7 to eight years ago however it needs some tlc.

The primary concerns with the Travertine Polishing Sutton Coldfield project  were:

Discoloured & Dirty Grout

Before we were called and the tilers had inexplicably put in black grout to match the stained grout on the tiles, Some tiles had been changed.

Deep Soil

For many years the floor has gradually worn away leaving holes and pits that have filled with grease and dirt.

Dirty Marks

Acidic food and drink splatters have left behind spots on the tiles.

Visible Surface Scratches and Scuffs

Typically the scrape scratches will probably have been left through soil along with grit from outside shoes

Deep Scratches By The Door

The bottom of the door has marked the surface of the tiles, making deep scores.

The floor tiles were initially a dull shine finish. They had been finished with an impregnating sealant and covered with a Lithofin Cobble Wax to improve the protection

We began with a deep clean using cleaners, honing powders and chemicals. 800 grit honing powder was rough enough to work dirt out of the tiles and grout lines without damaging the surface area of the tiles. When the floor had been carefully rinsed we hard honed the floor starting at 200 grit, finishing at 1500 grit. The two-hundred grit honing did away with the majority of visible scratches and scuffs and the final fifteen hundred grit home gave the floor a soft sheen. We finished by polishing the floor with marble powder. This gave the floor tiles a stunning shine.

We had to treat the scratched by the door with hand tools as the scratches were quite deep. We managed to get a charming surface without breaking through to any pits and spaces.

The black grout lines were now very noticeable compared to the original cream grout. We coloured the black grout making it a light sand to look like the other clean grout.

Finally we used 2 coats of high quality impregnating sealant.

We carefully discussed the significance of looking after the floor correctly, utilizing the right cleaning chemicals and mops. Their floor will certainly continue to look gorgeous for years to come.

If you considering having your travertine tile floor or any other type of natural stone floor brought back to a gorgeous finish call Abbey Floor Care on 0800 695 0180 or complete our easy contact form .

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