Deep Cleaning And Sealing A Travertine Floor In Hull

The homeowner was searching for a contractor to clean and seal their Soiled Travertine floor in Kingston upon Hull.

Thy really liked the Travertine, but, after a few years, found it hard to keep the Travertine clean.

I explained that the floor tiles were grout filled Tumbled Travertine. This kind of Travertine can be difficult to clean, especially if a standard, coarse grade of grout has been used to fill the tiles.

If an impregnating sealer has been used to protect the Travertine, the sealed does not prevent the coarse grout retaining soil from cleaning slurry.

I recommended the floor be deep cleaned, exposed holes filled with a smooth grout and sealed with a film-forming sealer.

My client had a tight budget, so they decided on cleaning and sealing only.

Cleaning Travertine In Kingston upon Hull

I deep cleaned the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine and Travertine cleaners.

I pressure rinsed the floor to remove even more ingrained soil from eh grout and the Travertine.

I applied several coats of film-forming sealer.

My client was delighted with the results.

I explained the importance of regular cleaning using suitable cleaners.