Looking For Help Cleaning Your Travertine Tile Floor | Check Out This Project In Selby

Looking For Help Cleaning Your Travertine Tile Floor | Check Out This Project In Selby

This Travertine cleaning Selby project arose after my client searched for advice on cleaning the Travertine floor in her kitchen.

She found about our Travertine service while searching online and contacted us for help.

The Travertine floor was around ten years old. They had cleaned and resealed the tiles a couple of times. However, the floor had got progressively soiled, and they could not get it clean again.

soiled travertine floor Selby North Yorkshire

I recommended that the floor needed to be deep cleaned with scrubbing equipment to remove the ingrained soil and then sealed with a Travertine Surface Sealer.
After considering my advice, they decided to proceed with my Travertine cleaning and sealing proposal.

Travertine Cleaning Selby

I started the cleaning process by coating the floor with a heavy-duty Travertine cleaner. The cleaner was left for around 20 minutes to start working on the soil.

Applying Travertine Cleaner to soiled Travertine floor in Selby North Yorkshire

I used a rotary scrubbing machine to scrub the cleaning solution into the surface of the sandstone to help break the ingrained soil away from the pores of the sandstone.

My pressurised water rinse and capture equipment did an excellent job of rinsing the emulsified soil out of the sandstone and the dirty grout

There were a number holes in the floor, where the filler had come away. I filled the holes with a Jasmine colour grout and left the grout to dry

Travertine floor after deep cleaning and pressurised water rinsing

Travertine Sealing Selby

I applied an impregnating sealer to help prime the stone. Then I applied five coats of a mid-sheen surface sealer to give a beautiful, easy to clean finish.

Travertine Sealing Selby North Yorkshire

My client was delighted with the results and commented that my work exceeded her expectations.

If you are looking to clean a soiled Travertine floor, contact us now for a free, no-obligation Travertine restoration quotation. You will be delighted with the results.

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