Give Your Travertine Floor A Serious Makeover Like This Restoration Project In Sutton Coldfield

Give Your Travertine Floor A Serious Makeover Like This Restoration Project In Sutton Coldfield

Travertine Restoration Sutton Coldfield B72 – Abbey Floor Care.

This Travertine Restoration Sutton Coldfield Project arose from our client contacting us for help to clean their Travertine floor and repair some cracks to 4 tiles.

Dirty travertine floor in Sutton Coldfield B72

Over time cleaning the floor had become more difficult to mop clean.

The home had pets and the combination of their natural oils and tracked in the earth, left dark soil ingrained into the surface of the tiles and grout.

Dog oils helping make this travertine floor is sutton coldfield soiled and difficult to clean

We advised a thorough deep clean to remove the soil. Then seal the floor with a mid-sheen surface sealer.

Travertine Restoration Sutton Coldfield B72 Project Stage 1

We started the project by applying our heavy-duty Travertine cleaner and leaving it for around 30 minutes to allow it to work.

Applying heavy duty Travertine cleaner to dirty floor in Sutton Coldfield

A rotary scrubbing machine helped remove the ingrained soils.

Machine scrubbing Travertine floor in Sutton Coldfield B72

Our pressurised rinse and capture equipment removed the dirty slurry. The process also removed soils from holes in the floor any loose filler that was likely to come away over the coming months.

The cracks were opened with a diamond burr to accept a hard filler.

Diamond burr opeining crack in Travertine floor ready for repair

I filled the holes and cracks with a hard jasmine coloured filler. When the filler was hard, it was sanded smooth with the surface of the tiles.

Cracks in Travertine tiles filled and then sanded smooth with the surface of the tile

The floor was ten years old, so the surface of tiles in the wear areas was worn rough. I used a honing machine to hone these areas with 200 grit diamonds to help smooth the surface of the tiles.

Travertine Sealing Sutton Coldfield – Stage 2

I sealed the floor with a coat of impregnating sealer. The impregnating sealer helps protect the stone and acts as a primer for the finishing sealer.

Sealing a Travertine floor in Sutton Coldfield B72

I finish sealed the floor with four coats of mid-sheen Surface Sealer, leaving an attractive, easy to clean finish.

My client was thrilled with the results.

If your Travertine floor is ready for a makeover, contact Abbey Floor Care for a free, no-obligation Travertine restoration quotation.

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