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Ten Simple Tips For Cleaning Marble Floors

Marble is a calcite stone, which means that it is composed mainly of calcium carbonate. Other calcium based natural stones are limestone, travertine and man made terrazzo.

Calcite stones are dissolved by acids. This means acidic spills and acid based cleaners will damage the surface, leaving ugly read more

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How To Remove Stains From Marble Tiles

There is no "catch-all" solution to stain removal. However there are number of stain treatment techniques involving solvents, bleaching agents, strong cleaning chemicals, poultices and other specialist chemical treatments that can be tried.

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How Professional Companies Polish Marble Tiles

One of the first things to understand about polishing marble is that it is the final step in cleaning or restoring a marble floor.

Polishing alone will not remove scratches, surface damage or stains. It will make them shiny and more visible.

So any of these problems needs to be resolved before  starting read more

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