Stone Floor Cleaning UK

With over 20 years stone floor cleaning and restoration, you will find lots of helpful information about stone floor cleaning and restoraiton from a "hands-on" professional contractor.

Natural stone and tile floors such as; marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, stone, victorian tiles, terracotta, quarry tiles, ceramic, porcelain, and grout using the most up to date restoration systems.

Our Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration Services

Marble Polishing

Gradually a Marble floor will loose the original finish. Marble Polishing is the only way to restore the original finish. We use specialist machines to grind and polish the stone.

Limestone Polishing

Limestone is a soft porous stone that quickly absorbs soil into the surface. This soil is impossible to remove with mopping. We can resurface the floor to a beautiful, easy to clean finish.

Minton Tiles Cleaning

Period geometric or encaustic floor tiles are featured in victorian and edwardian hallways. Cleaning these floors can be challenging owing to the variety of old finishes and covering remains.

Granite Polshing

Granite is a very hard stone and difficult to restore. We have the specialist equipment to provide a range of granite cleaning, restoration, polishing and sealing services.

Travertine Cleaning

Travertine has lots of holes. As the stone wears, the hole filler breaks away and the holes fill with ugly soil. We use specialist equipment to remove layers of old sealer and ingrained soil.

Slate Cleaning

Whilst slate has a low porosity, it will still absorb water and oil based spills, leaving annoying marks. We can clean Slate floors giving a lovely clean and even finish.

Cleaning Quarry Tiles

Many years of ground-in dirt and old sealers often leads many people to consider their floor is past repair. We can remove the layers of old selaers and soil, providing you a pleasant new finish.

Porcelain Cleaning

If you have an soiled Porcelain, the surface soil can be hard to remove. We have specialist equipment and cleaners to remove this soil. And can help stop this soil with Porcelain sealers.

Terrazzo Polishing

Old Terrazzo looks dull and ugly. We grind and re-surface the Terrazzo. Then we hone and polish the Terrazzo to a beautiful clean finish from leathered, to low - sheen to a high polish.

Sandstone Cleaning

Sandstone can end up with ingrained soiling making it look dull and difficult to clean. We have specialist scrubbing and rinsing machinery to restore the original clean sandstone finish.

Terracotta Cleaning

Terracotta has no glaze on the surface, so it will absorb spills and soil very quickly. We carefully remove old sealer residues and then seal the Terracotta with a beautiful long lasting sealer.

Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning

Textured Ceramic tile can be very difficult to clean. Also grout is porous can gets very dirty n ceramic floors. We can make ceramic tiles and grout clean again.

Years Of Experience In Stone Floor Restoration


Mrs . Simpkins

David came along and sorted my Travertine floor straight away.

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Mrs. Vale

David has been to my home many times and he always does a good job. He is a pleasure to work with.

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Mrs. Alhmbrasano

David did an excellent job on my floor. It looks lovely now

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Mr Barker

We have used David's services for a number of years. He always gives great service

Why Choose Our Services?

David Allen Natural Stone Restoration Specialist

As soon as you start to notice problems with the floors in your home or business (spots and stains, dull and scratched tiles) it is unlikely that you will be able to correct the problem without professional stone floor cleaning and restoration services.

You may try stone floor cleaning yourself. Or you may ignore the problem, in the hope that your family, guests and visitors will not see it. However, it is unlikely that you will have any lasting success.

This is because when a stone floor problem becomes visible, it is often way past a do it yourself solution. This is because we look at our floors when we are standing. So when a floor looks dirty it is absolutely packed with dirt, because the dirt has become ingrained in the surface. When stone starts to look dull it will be full of scratches and soils that mopping will not solve.

Stone Floor Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

professional stone floor restoration machine

When it comes to cleaning and restoring your floors, you are better off by calling on the services of a cleaning and polishing specialist. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to clean, and seal your floors properly, so they stay cleaner for longer.You also get the added money saving benefit from your investment by not having to replace your floors prematurely.

Professional Stone Floor Cleaning And Maintenance Advice From Abbey Floor Care

You can delay calling in the professionals by having a daily maintenance programme best suited to your flooring.

Do you dry sweep before you mop them? Do you know if your cleaner is damaging your floors?

Most problems start with the wrong kind of maintenance.

If you would like to know how to clean a stone floor, get helpful cleaning training and advice on cleaning stone floors, then we will be happy to recommend the best cleaning method.