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Ceramic tiles are generally much easier to clean than cleaning natural stone tiles like Travertine or Clay tiles like Terracotta.

They are easier to clean because the tiles' surface is smooth, glass-like, and waterproof. This means that soils can not penetrate the body, so they stay on the tile's surface, making them more straightforward to remove.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning - How To Clean Ceramic Tile

You will find many places on the Web telling you how to clean ceramic tile.

The most common method is to combine some floor cleaning soap and vinegar. The vinegar helps to stop the soap leaving a residue.

However, I don't recommend using this formula Vinegar is a strong acid that attacks and degrades cement grout.

Once cement grout starts to degrade, you will notice it going dark and staying dirty.

This is because the acid in the vinegar has broken down the grout surface, making it porous.

Once grout becomes porous, spills and cleaning slurry will soak deep into the grout so you can't remove it.

We do not recommend using an acid cleaner on your ceramic tile floor without contacting a professional tile cleaning company for advice on the product you are using.

Cleaning ceramic tile floors become more difficult for the homeowner with textured surface tiles.

The textured surface traps soil that is extremely difficult to remove.

This is where you will need the help of a professional ceramic tile cleaning service.

How To Clean Tile Correctly

We prepare the room, removing all static furniture, so the floor is clear and ready for cleaning.

There is always dry soil on a ceramic tile floor. Mixing this soil with floor cleaner will create a slurry that can soak into the surrounding grout.

So the first cleaning operation is to dry vacuum away all the dry soil.

After removing the dry soil, we apply a tile cleaner over the floor.

The cleaner is left for up to 20 minutes to thoroughly soak into the surface soils.

ceramic tile cleaning

Once the cleaner has thoroughly soaked into the surface soils, we scrub the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine with a medium strength polypropylene brush.

The bristles are long enough and flexible enough to agitate the surface of the tiles and deep-set grout.

We may spend up to 10 minutes per square metre, scrubbing to ensure all of the floor's pits and crevices are thoroughly scrubbed.

pressure rinsing ceramic tile floor

Then we pressure-rinse the floor with specialist clean and capture equipment. The equipment sprays water at high pressure into the surface of the floor.

The cleaning water and slurry is immediately removed into a vacuum, preventing overspray.

The vacuum has a self-regulating dump pump to dump the dirty water through a hose into a nearby drain or w/c.

If there is any residual soil, we repeat the process until the floor is as clean as it can be.

After the floor is thoroughly cleaned, there may still be areas of stained, ugly grout.

If this is the case, we have specialist grout cleaning equipment that may remove even more soil.

Grout can also be re-coloured using an epoxy grout colouring.

Ceramic Tile Sealing

After professional cleaning, we recommend sealing the floor with an appropriate ceramic tile and grout impregnating sealer.

The sealer will help protect the porous grout and make cleaning textured tiles much easier.

How Much Does Professional Grout Cleaning Cost

The cost of tile and grout cleaning is the most common question we get asked.

We assess each floor on its own merits, and cost according to the condition of the floor.

However, a rough guide is £25.00 per square metre, subject to a minimum day rate charge of £650.00.

Our costs may be too high for a small room, but it will be great value for larger areas of ceramic tile.

If you have ceramic tile and are looking for help with cleaning, please drop us a line and we will be happy to help.

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