Limestone Floor Cleaning For Brilliant Results

  • Owing to Arthritus I can no longer provide Limestone floor Grinding Honing or Polishing 
  • If you are near London or Glasgow/Edinburgh, I have colleagues who can undertake this work and I will be happy to pass your enquiries on to them.
  • I can still help with Limestone cleaning and sealing
  • There is lots of helpful information below about Limestone cleaning and restoraiton from a "hands-on" professional contractor.

The Complications Surrounding Limestone Floor Cleaning

There are several contributing factors that lead to dirty and stained limestone. They include:

  • installation issues
  • poor and inadequate cleaning
  • using the wrong limestone cleaner
  • no planned maintenance clean limestone
  • no protection from liquid spills… and tracked-in grit.

It takes an experienced professional to analyse and develop a cleaning and restoration solution that best meets your situation and budget. That’s why you shouldn’t trust just anyone to clean your limestone flooring. With over 20 years of experience, Abbey Floor Care has helped over 5,000 customers with their floor care issues.

Finding the right solution for your Limestone flooring

All you need to do is to use our contact form below and send some photos of your floor. Once we understand what you expect from your floor we will recommend a limestone floor restoration program to give you the finish you are looking for

Polishing Limestone Tiles - Giving A Beautiful, Easy To Clean Finish

limestone polishing newcastle under lyme staffordshire abbey floor care

Limestone polishing will transform dull limestone flooring into beautiful surfaces to enhance any home. By polishing your limestone flooring you will make it easier to maintain and keep clean.

If you are thinking about cleaning or polishing your limestone floor you will need to decide on the type of finish you want. A high gloss is a beautiful, luxurious finish.

The finish is achieved by honing the floor with progressively finer diamonds. With a high gloss, the colours in the stone are enhanced and the floor is beautifully smooth. But a high gloss shows scuffs and scratches much more quickly than lighter polish.

Limestone Honing - To Give A Beautiful Soft Sheen Or Velvet Dull Finish

limestone honing abbey floor care

This cream limestone floor is finished to 400 grit and then lightly polished with polishing powder. I hope you agree that the finish is still beautiful. This lighter polish is more appropriate for higher traffic areas like kitchens and dining room. It stands up better to traffic and is less likely to show light scuff marks.

If you’re looking for a superior finish, then your floor will need to be quite smooth. If the tiles are uneven, then the floor will need to be ground flat using heavy weight grinding equipment. If you try to polish an uneven floor you will not get the clarity of finish and reflections will look distorted.

Limestone polishing equipment is heavy and expensive machinery, however, it does a fantastic job. Some companies call themselves limestone polishing experts but they have neither the equipment not experience to back up their claims.

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Limestone Sealing – Critical Information You Need To Know

You may be surprised at the number of telephone calls we get from distressed people who have cleaned and sealed their limestone flooring but are unhappy and looking for the best way to restore their floors. 

If only they had the advice you are going to get now! 

Limestone sealing after cleaning limestone is not as simple as the instructions on the tin tell you. 

This is because the sealing process is only a small part of the process. 

Preparation for sealing limestone – A Critical Step

Before you start sealing your limestone flooring, remove dry soil with a vacuum cleaner and deep clean the floor with the correct limestone cleaner. 

Cleaning limestone with a quick mop with a standatd cleaning solution will not do, you must use the correct cleaning products. 

Most limestone is porous, this means that water and dirty cleaning solutions will soak into the surface of the stone before you can completely remove them.

The best way to clean porous limestone to mechanically release the soil and use pressurised rinse and extraction equipment. 

A rotary cleaning machine with a soft brush is used to gently agitate the surface of the floor to release the ingrained soil. 

The pressurised rinse equipment sprays pressurised hot water onto the stone and immediately extracts the excess water and soil before it gets a chance to soak back into the stone again. 

Leaving your floor beautifully clean and ready for sealing.

Sealing your limestone floors

Before you start to seal your limestone floors make sure it is thoroughly dry, so there is no limestone cleaner residue. 

Best to leave the floor at least 24 hours after cleaning to allow the moisture to evaporate. There are two types of limestone sealer you can choose from. 

A penetrating or impregnating sealer and a surface sealer. 

The beauty of a penetrating sealer is that it will not affect the appearance of your floor, so it is ideal after polishing limestone floor tiles.

A surface sealer will make the colour slightly darker as it sits on the surface of the stone. 

Whichever sealer you use, a single coat will not suffice. In most cases, you will need to apply 2 or more coats, depending on the porosity of the stone. 

You will know you have enough coats when the floor no longer soaks into the floor. 

At this stage, wipe off the excess sealer and leave to dry. 

Preparation and cleaning equipment is not readily available from hire shops. 

So your best bet is to call on the services of a limestone sealing professional. 

Make sure to maintain your new sealed floor with the right limestone cleaner. 

Standard floor cleaners will soften and damage the sealer. 

If you’re looking for excellent service from a trustworthy tradesman then call Abbey, we will take all the headaches away.