pressurised water rinsing indian sandstone floor to remove ingrained soil

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Professional Sandstone Cleaning

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Sandstone Has Been Used In The UK As A Flooring For Centuries.

Keeping A Sandstone Floor Clean Is Not A Simple Job

Cleaning sandstone floor slabs can be a difficult task if you do not clean it regularly with the correct cleaning products.

Whether it is the traditional York Stone or the increasingly popular Indian Sandstone or Flagstones, this type of stone flooring continues to be a popular choice.

The two main reasons you will have problems with your sandstone floor are:

  • the structure of the stone
  • and not using a stone sealer

Sandstone is an open stone which means that dirt can easily spread into the pores and voids in the surface of the stone, making it difficult to remove soil if you don't have the correct equipment.

The rough surface of the stone means that mopping alone will not remove much of the surface dirt. It just spreads the dirt around the surface of the stone and into the grout lines.


What Can We Do For You?

Our Professional Sandstone Restoration Will Give You A Beautiful Floor

Cleaning sandstone floor slabs is simple using the right professional cleaning equipment.

This picture shows how beautiful a sandstone floor can look when it is professionally cleaned. Quite a change from the dirty floor in the picture above don't your think?

First we apply a deep cleaning solution to start breaking down soil and grease that had seeped into the surface of the stone.

Then we used a rotary scrubbing machine to work the cleaning solution deep into the surface pros of the stone to emulsify the oil and dirt, ready for removal.

Finally we used a clean and capture tool that sprays pressurised hot rinse water onto the floor. The water picks up the emulsified dirt and they are instantly vacuumed away into our van mounted recovery tank.

The result is a beautiful clean floor.

The secret to maintaining the beauty of the stone is to apply a sandstone sealer that prevents prevent soil and spills seeping into the surface of the stone as well as making it easier to clean the floor.

beautiful clean sandstone floor in leek staffordshire

What A Transformation

Sandstone Cleaning Results

Experiance and Equipment give fantastic results.

This picture shows the stunning results that can be achieved cleaning sandstone. The floor is located in a busy pub restaurant.

The clean floor gives a much more pleasant dining experience.

Once you have had your floor deep cleaner and re-sealed, you can keep it clean for longer when you use a specific natural stone cleaner with a microfiber mopping system.

Examples of Sandstone Cleaning Projects

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Choosing A Sandstone Sealer To Protect Your Sandstone Floor

This picture clearly demonstrates a major benefit of sandstone sealers. The unsealed portion soaked up the water immediately.On the sealed area, the water sits as beads on the surface, waiting to be cleaned up.

Sandstone sealers will give you time to mop up spills and accidents before they have the chance to penetrate into the stone and make an ugly stain.

If you have experienced mopping a sandstone floor you will know how hard it can be. The sandstone soaks up the cleaning fluid before you have had a chance to move the mop.

Mopping will be easier, as the floor will not try to soak up the cleaning fluid.

What Type Of Sandstone Sealer Should You Use For Your Sandstone Floor?

There are two types of sandstone sealers; surface sealers and impregnating sealers.

Which sandstone sealer you use depends on how you want your floor to look.

Penetrating Sandstone Sealer


Penetrating or impregnating sealers will not make any visible difference to the appearance of your sandstone floor.

These sandstone sealers soak deep into the pores of your stone floor and act like an invisible barrier to water and oil spills.

Once dry you can't see impregnating sealers, so the only way to assess the wear of impregnating sealers is when traffic areas start become more difficult to get clean.

We recommend deep cleaning and re-applying an impregnating stone sealer each year to make sure you don't lose the benefits it gives.

Surface Sandstone Sealer


As the name implies, a surface sealer locks onto and sit on the surface of your stone floor. It will still allow your sandstone floor to breath.

A surface sealer makes mopping a little easier as you are mopping the sealer rather than the stone surface.

By sitting on the surface of your stone floor, a surface stone sealer will slightly darken the colour. So if you want a light colour, then my may be better choosing an impregnating sealer.

Over time a surface sealer will show scratches and wear areas as it wears away. We recommend deep cleaning and re-applying a layer if to the wear areas on an annual basis.

With our extensive experience in cleaning and restoration We are pleased to offer advice on maintenance programs, cleaning solutions and equipment.

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