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Our contact form gives you the opportunity to tell us all about the issues with your floor. A picture speaks a thousand words, so please send photos of your floors highlighting the issues. We may call you to have a chat about your floor to understand your problems.

3. Receive A Free Of Charge Cost Estimate

In most situations we can give you a reasonable guide of the costs included in any restoration.

We sill send you full documentation, detailing;

  • The costs.
    • There'll be no covert costs or surcharges, our rates will be completely up front.
  • The work involved.
    • We will include details about similar work we have done so you can get an idea of what's involved and the finish you will get.
  • The timescale.

So you are armed with all the information you need to make a considered, informed decision.

4. Agree A Date To Start The Work

If you feel that the estimated cost is within your budget, we'll organize an appointment to start the work. A couple of days prior to your job, if you prefer, we can give you a call to confirm that is ok and validate the details.

We will show up on the agreed date and at the agreed to start work.

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David Allen Natural Stone Restoration Specialist

With our stone restoration Birmingham service, your stone floors will look beautiful and so much easier to clean. High-quality sealers and finishes make your stone highly water and soil repellent, which means that they are easier to clean.

Our technical experts will also give you a tailored care guide, showing you:

  • how often you should clean your floor
  • the best way to clean your floor
  • the best equipment to use
  • the right floor cleaners that will help protect your floor rather than damage it.

We Solve These Stone Floor Problems In Birmingham

  • Dull spots and etch marks
  • Grimy Lifeless Finish
  • Scuffs and Scratches
  • Ugly Holes
  • Horrible Grout
  • Loss Of Colour
  • Worn Sealer
  • Dirty Tiles
  • Deep Scratches and Chips
  • Uneven tiles and Lippage

Marble Floor Restoration Services Birmingham?

Marble is a crystallised limestone that evokes an atmosphere of stylish luxury.

Marble tiles are without a doubt at the superior end of the natural stone flooring scale. The very best marble offered on the market today is Italian, and we would suggest if possible, that you invest in Italian marble tiles that are also machined in Italy.

There are less expensive Italian marble tiles in the market that have been cut in China. These have often been cut across-the-bed.

Marble is a hard-wearing natural stone. While glamorous and immediately recognisable, marble requires routine upkeep and sealers are needed to guard against staining and scratches.

Nevertheless, when installed and taken care of properly, your marble floor should last a life time.

Are You Searching for Marble Polishing Services Birmingham?

As with numerous cleaning terms, marble polishing is a basic term that explains a range of marble cleaning services that bring back a glossy surface.

Marble polishing and restoration is multi-step process, called for when a floor has not been looked after sufficiently, or it needs to be restored thanks to heavy scratching and use.

Diamond impregnated marble polishing tools and heavy stone polishing machinery are used for marble.

What makes marble shine is marble polishing powder used with marble polishing pads for a mirror-like gloss.

Lastly the marble is sealed using a premium quality penetrating marble sealer.

Why A Quick Buff Of Your Marble Tiles Will Not Suffice

People often call call us when a “fast polish” of their marble floor has not returned the original shine and visual appeal.

If a marble floor needs restoration, a speedy lambswool polish of a marble floor will not restore it.

I wish it did. That would be so much easier. However if that did work, there would be no need for a marble restoration industry.

If you are not caring for and polishing your marble floor to a good level, you are not saving any money.

In the short-term you might conserve some money, but this mistake or oversight will cost you considerably in the longer term.

You never ever should let your floor go so far that you need to get expert restoration on a regular basis.

Professional marble restoration needs to be a very unusual occasion for a well cared for floor.

In reality, when it comes down to maintaining marble and other natural stone floors, you either pay a little bit now or you pay lots later.

If you assume that you are saving money by not paying for regular routine service, the charges will be much greater when you need to restore your floor.

When you pay for regular maintenance, working with the best cleaners and equipment in Birmingham, your floor will always look beautiful and you can avoid pricey restoration completely, or if not, substantially lengthen time between repairs.

How Much Does Marble Cleaning Cost In Birmingham

A common concern we get from customers inBirmingham  is:

” What does it cost? to clean and polish my marble?”

The costs to clean and polish marble is dependent on the condition of the floor tiles, scratches, damage, soiling and so on. Most of the times, we can make an assessment from good quality photographs. That’s why we ask you to send us pictures of your floor.

Once we have all the information, we can email a detailed cost and timescale for the work.

Travertine  Cleaning Birmingham

Travertine is provided in a numerous grades.

High Premium quality Solid Travertine Tiles

This Travertine has few or no holes and is typically supplied in 20mm+ thick tiles. The travertine is expensive because there is little of it per square metre of Travertine. Floors are typically finished to a high sheen and sealed with an impregnating or penetrating sealer.

The key to maintaining these tiles is consistent care utilizing the right cleaning products and topping up the sealer every 12 to 24 months.

Cleaning Tumbled Travertine Tiles Birmingham

Tumbled travertine is cut from honeycomb part of the rock and often supplied in 20mm+ thick tiles, however there are also 12mm thick tiles readily available.

The tumbling process cleaves the edges of the tiles, curves the edges of the holes and leaves behind a matte finish.

When tumbled travertine tiles are laid, the holes are grouted as well as the space in between the tiles. The final surface depends upon the skill and commitment of the tile installer.

A conscientious light finish in the grout cleaning process will leave lots of the grout near the top of the holes, leaving a high quality surface.

Sadly we have come across quite a few installations where the tiler hasn’t taken enough time and hurried the grout cleaning process, removing a great deal of the grout from the holes, leaving approximately 3mm deep fill.

With Tumbled travertine there can still be holes that are just protected by an eggshell layer of Travertine, that will appear as holes in time. These holes need to be filled as quickly as possible, because if disregarded the issue will weaken and the hole will get bigger.

Sealing Tumbled Travertine Birmingham

If you have tumbled travertine, we advise sealing the Travertine with a surface sealer. The topical coating will make the grout fill easier to clean, as grout has a rough surface and is more permeable than travertine.

Surface sealers are not as hard wearing as the stone itself, so the sealer will begin to show signs of wear in high traffic areas. Expert cleaners are readily available that will top-up the sealer, making it last longer.

You can also use a new layer of sealer every six or twelve months. This will keep your Travertine looking great for years rather than months.

Cleaning Honed and Filled Travertine Birmingham

As much as 50% of a Travertine tile can be filler and the tiles are usually provided in 12mm thick tiles.

When buying honed and filled travertine, it is extremely important to look at the side of the tile and see how porous and how many air bubbles are present.

If holes are present near the top of the tile, this can suggest they are just protected on the surface with an eggshell layer of stone and may appear as holes at some time later on.

These holes need to be filled as quickly as possible, because if left disregarded the problem will deteriorate and the hole will get bigger.

If you have the opportunity to pick the tiles yourself, try to use tiles with as little filler as possible, since these tiles have the least number of holes.

As with Tumbled travertine, you must fill new holes as they appear, to stop soil entering into the hole, making it look like a dirty black mark. Filling holes is finest done during regular upkeep of your floor.

Honed Travertine Sealing Birmingham

If you have honed and filled travertine tiles, you have the option of sealing the tiles with a surface sealer or an impregnating sealer. New tiles can be sealed with an impregnating sealer.
We recommend sealing worn travertine floors with a topical or surface area finish similar to tumbled travertine.

Limestone Cleaning Birmingham

Limestone is a sedimentary mineral that is composed of primarily organic minerals such as the bones and shells of marine animals. Over many millions of years, it cements into solid rock. A common limestone you encounter today in the country is Jura German limestone.

Jura limestone is popular as it is among the most hard-wearing limestones, although it is not quite as hard-wearing as marble. Limestone is softer than Marble and it will mark more easily. Like all natural stone, limestone is porous and will have to be sealed every 1 to three years.

Popular limestones such as Moleanos are softer than Jura limestone, so less hardworking and more permeable. These softer limestones need more upkeep and needs to be sealed. These softer limestones are great for bed rooms and other spaces with less foot traffic, however the harder limestones are better for high traffic lanes like entryways hallways, lounges and kitchen areas.

There are a number of factors that lead to grimy and stained limestone. They include:

  • installation complications
  • bad and insufficient cleaning
  • no planned maintenance
  • no shielding from liquid spills
  • … and walked-in sand.

It takes an experienced professional to evaluate and develop a cleaning and restoration service that finest matches your scenario and budget

That’s why you must not count on just anybody to clean your limestone floor. Since merely doing a deep clean with an aggressive cleaning solution won’t solve your issues.
Depend on the leaders in limestone floor restoration. With over 19 years of practical experience, we have helped countless consumers with their floor cleaning problems.

Limestone Polishing Birmingham

Limestone polishing will transform a tired limestone floor into a wonderful floor to enhance any house.

By polishing your limestone you will render it simpler to clean and keep clean.

If you are thinking of cleaning or polishing your limestone floor you will need to choose the type of finish you are looking for.

A glossy finish is a gorgeous, luxurious surface. The finish is accomplished by honing the limestone with gradually finer diamonds to a size of 1,500 scratches per inch and higher. If the stone is dark, then the grit size might need to go to three thousand scratches per inch.

With a high gloss finish, the colours in the limestone are improved and the floor is perfectly smooth. However a high gloss reveals scuffs and scratches a lot more rapidly than a honing to a lower gloss.

Limestone Honing Birmingham

Honing your limestone will yield a softer polish, in between 400 and 800 grit will still give a great radiance.
This lighter polish is better suited for increased traffic areas such as kitchens and dining rooms. It stands up better to traffic and is less likely to show light scuff marks.

If you’re looking out for a great finish, then your floor tiles will need to be quite smooth. If the tiles are irregular, then the floor will have to be ground flat using grinding machinery.

If you try to polish an uneven floor you will not get the quality of finish and reflections will look distorted.

Limestone polishing machines are weighty and expensive, that being said, it does a wonderful job.

Some organizations refer to themselves as limestone polishing companies but they do not have the tools or knowledge to support their claims.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Polishing Birmingham

We have been undertaking terrazzo restoration all over the UK for many years. Our terrazzo cleaning and polishing process will help to make your terrazzo floors look outstanding.
Our goal is to clean and polish your terrazzo to the very best condition possible. We use the very best tools in the market to clean and polish your terrazzo. Once we grind, employing up to four metal bonded diamond grits, we hone the ground terrazzo floor with 3 grits of resin-bond diamond tools. After that the genuine enjoyment begins. Once we end grinding and honing we start our terrazzo polishing process.

We will demonstrate to you the best ways to correctly preserve your terrazzo floors looking at their best, in addition to exactly which terrazzo cleaners are best for your floor. My website supplies a wealth of information. Please take a look at our website and be the most knowledgeable individual in your area in terrazzo cleaning and maintenance.

Exactly what is terrazzo and where did it originate from?

Your Terrazzo floor is more than likely made of Portland cement as well as marble chips. Terrazzo today is sometimes made from epoxy and marble. Our terrazzo cleaning and polishing systems include dry and wet restoration, depending upon what is best for your terrazzo floor. We can hone and polish your terrazzo to look better then you ever thought possible. We will hone and diamond polish up to three-thousand Grit. That means the finish will endure for as long as you care for it.
Correct Terrazzo Care.

It is very important for house owners with terrazzo flooring to comprehend correct care of their floor. We can provide you a great looking terrazzo floor, however it depends on you to maintain your floor. One of the reasons people polish their terrazzo is not only to get an excellent looking floor, but, likewise to have a floor that needs little upkeep to stay looking great.

If you want to keep your Terrazzo floor looking terrific you need to maintain it with a neutral cleaner. Dust mop often, ideally with a microfiber dust mop, and have a great rug at your main entryway to clean your shoes on. A natural cleaner is a product with a pH near or at 7.0. The pH of 7.0 means that the cleaning solution is safe for all cement, natural stone floors and classic terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo is generally comprised of Marble chips and Portland cement, so it ought to be cleaned up to protect that shine and extend the life of the shine.

Dust mopping frequently is another extremely important step for conserving terrazzo.
The average grit-size of a grain of sand is 200. Properly polished terrazzo is done up to 3000 grit. Sand is the opponent of terrazzo, so dust mop frequently and take pleasure in the same shine on your floor for many years to come.

The third step is an excellent rug at the entrances to your home. Best to stop the sand before in ever gets in.

Follow these guidelines after our quality terrazzo restoration and guests will marvel at a terrazzo finish they never ever believed possible.

Sandstone Flagstone Cleaning Restoration Birmingham

Sandstone and Flagstone have been chosen as a flooring for countless years. While among the essential characteristics of these kinds of stone is a durability that indicates they can work for over 100 years in outdoor settings, there are many useful steps you can use to retain the natural stone looking excellent.

The Importance Of Dry Soil Removal

The most crucial things to carry out is to remove dry soil from the surface of the floor. Soil collects in the natural holes in the floor and blends with water, developing deep-rooted soil. A microfiber dry mop is the most effective method to sweep a stone floor. The mop will grab particles into the threads, getting rid of them from the floor.

Damp mopping Not Wet Mopping

Regular cleaning with a stone floor cleaner will carry any difficult soil off the floor and aid keep the sealer in the stone. Do not be enticed to choose an acid-based cleaner.
Strong acid cleaning solutions might not damage the stone, but acidic cleaners will get rid of any sealer, leaving the stone unguarded from day-to-day soil and spills.
Those two jobs really should suffice to keep your natural stone looking excellent.
However if your floor is very stained, you might need to work with a sandstone and flagstone cleaning professional like Abbey Floor Care.

Sandstone and Flagstone are hard to clean due to the fact that the surface of the stone resembles sandpaper. The finish makes the floors hard to wipe and stops standard cotton mops lifting the slurry away from the surface. Modern microfiber damp mops have drastically increased the effectiveness of mopping, but they are a relatively current invention.

The issue of mopping has been exacerbated with the use of the wrong sleaning solutions. Most basic floor cleaning chemicals contain powerful alkaline chemicals which are are produced for non-porous floor coverings. The high alkaline chemicals strip any sealer out of} stone. They likewise promote the slurry to develop into a tough layer of soil that is tough to eliminate.

We take advantage of specialist equipment to clean and rinse deep into the stone to remove this deep-rooted soil. We can not guarantee to eliminate all blemishes. Some oil spills can be sucked deep into sandstone and flagstone.

As soon as the stone is clean and dry, we put on a suitable sealer. Penetrating sealants saturate into the top of the stone, offering it shielding from spills, yet giving a natural finish.
Surface sealants, as the name suggests, remain on the top of the stone. They can make the stone much easier to clean, since the surface sealer makes the stone smoother.

Before using a sealer, it is important that the floor is maintained regularly employing specific stone cleaning chemicals. Many stone cleaners consist of ingredients that help maintain the sealer, so it will last longer.

If you uncover parts of the floor that are beginning to reveal indications of wear, it is time to clean the spot and apply a new layer of sealer.

Taking care of your sandstone or flagstone floor properly will keep it looking beautiful for many years to come rather than just months.

Slate Cleaning Birmingham

Slate is a multipurpose stone.  Slate from Cornwall, Leicestershire, Cumbria and Wales has been used as a floor covering and decorative product in the UK for hundreds of years.

Today, the majority of slate is imported due to lower costs. India, China and Brazil are leading slate exporters to the UK.

With the advent of imported slate, we are not limited to black and grey colours. There are hundreds of slate colours available now. India alone, products slate in a myriad of colours and textures.

Plenty of people pick slate due to the fact that it is resilient and needs little upkeeput this doesn’t imply that you can totally ignore it! To keep a slate floor looking clean and fresh, you do have to continue top of the upkeep.

Exactly what is slate?

Slate is a stone which has actually been metamorphosed from shale, that is, it includes clay-like products that have actually gone through modification under heat and pressure.
Slate is rarely highly reflective unless a coating is put on it, and its surface area is generally unequal unless machine-sanded smooth.

Standard Slate Floor Cleaning Birmingham

The care and upkeep of slate flooring is not a complex subject. In fact, the primary factor slate flooring gets filthy or messed up can be traced to basic disregard.

When you keep your slate clean, the fnish will endure for years as opposed to months. To keep your slate flooring in good condition, a few basic maintenance treatments are needed. For finest results, they ought to be followed really closely.

Dust Mopping Slate

Of all the treatments used to maintain slate , dust mopping is the most important. Dust ,dirt and grit are what trigger most surface areas to scratch and wear. Daily dust mopping will assist slate remain clean and keep the surface for longer. Where foot traffic is heavy, or the slate floor is laid in a commercial structure, dust mop a number of times a day.

Use entrance walk-off mats

Another essential tool to keep dirt and sand off a slate floors is a kind of mat, at the entrance. A quality mat will catch dirt prior to somebody walks on the slate floor. If it is positioned outside your door, it is only human nature and act of courtesy for individuals to wipe their shoes before getting in the house. Our experiments have actually shown that it can take 15 actions to get rid of most loose dirt off shoes. For this reason, I suggest putting mats both within and outside.

Keep in mind to clean your entrance mats, vacuum them daily if possible. Take them up and clean under them when you dust mop. Be sure the floor is dry prior to returning them to the floor. Never ever place a mat a wet surface area.

Damp Mopping Slate

Dry sweeping will not remove sticky soil, so slate needs to be cleaned with a moist mop. How typically you will have to damp mop will depend on the quantity of traffic and the finish

As a rule of thumb, kitchen areas, dining rooms and locations with heavy usage must be damp mopped daily. Other areas can be left to once or twice per week.

Slate Sealing Nottingham – Getting rid of old wax and sealer from a slate floor.

Eventually, the slate will have to be resealed or waxed. Whilst this is a job that can be completed by the homeowner, it is an unpleasant job, using strong chemicals and expert equipment, that makes it best suited to specialists.

Quarry Tile Minton Tile Terracotta Tile Slate Tile Cleaning Restoration

Clay tiles are available in a variety of forms such as; terracotta tiles, quarry tiles, clay , Minton and brick tiles.

They all originate from natural clay

Terracotta has actually been used for floor tiles  throughout the world for thousands of years. The clay is fired at very low temperatures or by being left out under the sun.

Quarry tiles are clay tiles that fired at really high temperatures.

The heat turns the soft clay into a very hard tile that is less permeable, with an even higher series of colours.

This means the tiles can be laid outdoors as they are a lot more resistant to weathering and frost damage.

When clay tiles are not maintained properly, soil will embed into the surface and the colours will loose their impact.

Some cleaners work much better than others and for many years we have evaluated the majority of them and we only utilize sealants that highlight the best in the floor without leaving concerns for future generations.

When the tiles still have their external crust layer, our pad system will produce a natural shine on the floor without the requirement for topical surfaces. However, most floors will have worn tiles in the traffic locations. They will take advantage of a topical surface.

Boiled Linseed Oil has been utilized for years to improve the colours of the clay tiles. Modern polymer based colour improving sealants are taking the place of linseed oil as they are more secure to use and last a lot longer.

Wax and Acrylic topical sealers are readily available, nevertheless the Acrylic sealers can go dull from traffic wear. Specialist cleaners and re-sealing every year will assist extend the life of the surface.

Modern floor waxes also last longer than pure beeswax. The result offers a beautiful long lasting surface that does not suffer like acrylic topical sealers from visible surface abrasion.

We can advise you on the best finish for your floor