Seven Steps To Cleaning And Sealing Terracotta By Abbey Floor Care

Hello folks, this is David Allen from Abbey Floor Care, and we are here today to talk about cleaning and sealing Terracotta floor tiles.

Before we begin, just a little bit of housekeeping. If you’re watching or listening to this after publication and have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comments below or drop me a line at my website contact page.

The idea for this talk is from the questions I get about cleaning and sealing Terracotta. I suggest you visit this a couple of times or more, to get a good overview of the process before planning your work. read more

Terracotta Tile Cleaning Edingley Nottinghamshire Abbey Floor Care

Cleaning and Waxing Terracotta Tiles In Edingley – Abbey Floor Care

A Terracotta floor in Edingley, Nottingham. The homeowner was finding it difficult to strip off the wax, clean and re-wax the floor. I deep cleaned the floor to remove the old layers of wax. The homeowner commented that they had never managed to get the floor as clean. I applied a colour-enhancing impregnating sealer to bring out the rich orange and red tones in the tiles. Once the sealer dried, I applied two layers of floor wax.

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