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Abbey Floor Care – About Us


David Allen – Owner

We are a Midlands based Stone Restoration form specialising in transforming dull uninviting stone floors into beautiful glamorous surfaces.

Restoring stone is a craft and our skills have been honed over many. We are happy to work with domestic and commercial customers  throughout the UK.

What Sets Us Apart?

Stone cleaning is a vocation not just a job. If you’re going to restore any kind of stone, they you’ve got to have a compulsive, can do approach, because every stone job comes with its own issues and headaches. When we take a job on, we keep at it until it we achieve the exact finish we agreed on.

In most cases this means we will visit free of charge and do a sample restoration so we both agree on the finish you’re after. If we can’t get the finish you’re after (and this hasn’t happened up to now), then we won’t try to persuade you to change your mind.

Also we won’t charge you for the sample, we’ll just say thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate our service and hopefully help you get a little closer to the finish you’ve always dreamed of.

Small by design. We’re not a large company. Most of the work is done by the me, David, a slightly compulsive older guy who doesn’t really like trusting his customers to other people.

About David Allen

me-rx12Hi I’m David, the owner and Chief Operator of Abbey Floor Care. I am also Director and founder of Abbey Commercial Services (Midlands) Limited, a Burton based commercial cleaning company.

Over the past 16+ years I have concentrated on floor restoration, leaving the day to day operation of the commercial cleaning company to my wife. Or could it be that she decided I was not spending enough time on the commercial company?

My interest in floor restoration grew out of the need for this service in our commercial cleaning. In the beginning I did the work myself because I could not find a local company that met my standards. Gradually I developed such an interest that I decided to take on the role full time.

I have never had the desire to build the company into a large company. Before coming into the cleaning industry, I used to run manufacturing companies (quite sucessfully I may add) so I came to cleaning later in life and my enjoyment comes from the delight on my customer’s faces when they enjoy their beautiful floors.

My desire to do a fantastic job is mirrored by my desire to get paid on time. We will not work for people or companies who do not adhere strictly to our payment terms, which are full payment on completion of the job.

We have lost plenty of work by insisting on this policy, but we are also still in business, with no chance of failing through bad debts.

I realise that I get most of my work because of me. I am not bragging, but I have been told many times that the reason we got the job is because I was doing the work and people could trust me in their homes.

In very rare cases I may bring additional staff onto a job. In the past this has included my 2 children. However they are now pursuing careers in Civil Engineering and Chemistry – a great resource for stone and cleaning information. If your timescale means that I can’t complete a job on my own, then I may bring additional staff to fetch and carry for me, vacuum slurry, mop etc. You can be assured that these people are thoroughly trustworthy. If the job needs additional stone expertise, then I have many good friends I can call on in the stone industry. They are experienced stone technicians and I have total confidence in them.

If I do need to bring additional staff onto the job, I will make you fully aware of the situation explain why I need to do this.

If you’re looking for help and advice about cleaning your stone floor I am more than happy to help you. Wether it is spending an hour on the phone talking about the different options you have, or sending you one of our infomation guides I’m sure we can help you.