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Is Your Amtico Floor Looking Dull and Jaded?

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If you have the time you can strip and reseal the floor yourself, or you can call in the experts. But did you know that you can have your floor professionally re-surfaced. Meaning you won’t have to trouble yourself stripping and resealing your floor for years to come.
Read on to discover how we can re-seal or re-finish you floor or:[elementor-template id=”17294″]Supplied by brands such as Amtico, Karndean and Polyfloor, luxury vinyl tiles are a popular alternative to natural stone, tile and wood flooring. offer a vast range of styles and finished.
The tiles are a laminate of several layers of materials, often including a printed film design layer, surfaced with a heavy duty urethane wear layer. You can expect years of life if your tiles are properly installed and maintained.

Amtico for example give a 10 year “Wear-out” warranty,  on some of their products as can be seen available here.

Tiles in heavy traffic areas such as entrance hallways can suffer premature wear, particularly if dry soil is not cleaned off the surface regularly. In these cases the floor can be dressed or sealed to give it an added layer of protection.

Dressing can be done by homeowners, but on large areas it can be a tedious task and you must take care not to damage the surface of the floor by using abrasive cleaners.

The key to successfully stripping and re-sealing vinyl flooring is to use the right equipment, materials coupled with plenty of patience.

How We Re-Seal Your Luxury Vinyl Floor.

Important: If your vinyl floor comes with a warranty, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use their recommended cleaners, strippers and sealers. Also keep a record of the materials you have used, delivery notes, receipts etc.  in case you need to make a claim.

We have our own preferred strippers and sealers, that in our opinion are far superior to those recommended by manufacturers. However if you have a warranty guarantee with your flooring, we are more than happy to use the manufacturer’s recommended products to protect your warranty.

Dry Soil Removal

Work starts by dry sweeping the floor to remove any grit, that could scratch the floor during the work.


Cleaning – Stripping Solution

Next we apply suitable cleaner or stripper if we need to dissolve old sealers. The chemical is gently agitated using a floor machine and a brush or soft pad to make sure all soil and old sealer is removed from the surface.


Once the cleaning chemicals have done their job, we rinse the floor, rinse the floor with clean water a couple of times to make sure that the floor is completely clean. Then leave the floor to dry.

Apply New Sealer

Once the floor has dried, you can apply the new sealer or dressing. We are careful not to over apply the sealer because it can pool or show bubble marks. Better to apply a couple of good thin layers than one ugly thick layer.


Dressing or re-sealing needs to be done on a regular basis. In heavy traffic areas this may be monthly, in light traffic areas it could be annually. However as we said above, you can have your floor completely re-surfaced, to last years rather than months.

Resurfacing vinyl tiles

This process involves a similar process to sealing, but we use special heavy duty urethane chemicals that give the floor a completely new hard wearing surface. These products can also incorporate abrasive anti-slip ingredients, making them an ideal consideration to resurface vinyl and safety flooring in commercial installations.