How To Clean Marble Floors – Professional Help

Marble is a beautiful elegant stone, bring a sense of luxury to any room. However, looking after a marble floor, particularly a polished floor, is not as straightforward as other types of flooring.  Marble is a relatively soft stone, very porous and can damage easily. If you need to understand how to clean your marble … Read more

Terrazzo Restoration Bolton

This Terrazzo restoration Bolton project concentrated on floors in Bolton Town Hall had been under carpet for a few decades.  As part of a building refurbishment program, the council wanted the carpet removing, to expose the original Terrazzo floorings. I initially visited the site to do some sample Terrazzo restoration for the contractor, so they … Read more

Terrazzo Repair, Terrazzo Polishing And Sealing In Wandsworth London

This is a Terrazzo Commercial Toilet Area restoration project in Wandsworth London. The client was looking to Restore a new finish to the Terrazzo walls, Terrazzo floors, Terrazzo cubicle walls and partition. Terrazzo repairs; fill over 100 holes in the walls, fill large cracks in the walls and floor, fill door hinge and lock recesses with colour matched Terrazzo.

Cleaning a Well Used Limestone floor in Rowlands Castle

I was contacted by my client regarding the renovation of a Limestone floor in Rowlands Castle. Originally, the Limestone floor was stunning but was now overdue for some love and care to restore it back to its’ former glory. I suggested the best restoration to suit my clients budget and we agreed on a date … Read more

Limestone Cleaning And Sealing Project In Solihull West Midlands

This limestone cleaning Solihull project is in large commercial Building in Solihull. White Moleanos Limestone was used for the ground floor reception and rear floors, rear staircase and lift floors. Over the years, the Limestone had suffered from heavy traffic and poor maintenance. The rear reception had a number of replacement tiles and ugly repairs. … Read more

Victorian Clay Tiles Cleaning And Sealing Project In Blyth Northumberland

Victorian Clay Geometric Tiles in a hallway in Blyth, Northumberland. The tiles are often referred to as Mintons tiles. The floor needed cleaning to remove old paint and sealer residues. I used a clay tile sealer remover and cleaner. After leaving the treatment for an hour, I scrubbed the floor using a rotary scrubbing machine. … Read more

Travertine Cleaning And Sealing Project In Weymouth Dorset

This Travertine floor in Dorset had worn well. However, the finish had dulled through etch marks and soil build-up in the grout. I deep cleaned the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine and Travertine cleaners. After cleaning, I noticed a few collapsed holes. I filled the holes with a colour matched grout. Finally, I applied … Read more

Deep Cleaning And Sealing A Travertine Floor In Hull

The homeowner was searching for a contractor to clean and seal their Soiled Travertine floor in Kingston upon Hull. Thy really liked the Travertine, but, after a few years, found it hard to keep the Travertine clean. I explained that the floor tiles were grout filled Tumbled Travertine. This kind of Travertine can be difficult … Read more