Victorian Tiles Hallway Floor Deep Cleaned and Sealed in Darlington

This Victorian Tiles cleaning, sealing and repairs Darlington project is about reviving the colours in a Victorian Tile floor.

The floor is over 100 years old, so you can imagine it has suffered quite a bit of wear.

Victorian Tile is a popular tile that can look stunning.

However, without the correct Victorian Tiles maintenance regime, poor cleaning and foot traffic can soon turn the floor dull and flat as my customer in Darlington discovered.

In this case, they had the Victorian Tiles installed in the hallway and porch.

Victorian tiles in Darlington before cleaning

This was a soiled floor that the homeowner had looked after the floor, but found it difficult to remove ingrained soil.

The soil was masking the vibrant colours in the tiles.

They were looking for a clean floor, that would continue to look clean and display the natural colours in the tiles.

After examining the floor, I discussed with the client the work needed to renovate the tiles and agreed on a price for the work.

Cleaning and Restoring Victorian Tiles Tiled Hallway Floor

The Victorian Tiles cleaning process can splash strong cleaning solutions onto walls and other surfaces.

The splashes can stain or damage paint and wax, so we protect these delicate surfaces.

I gave the floor an initial clean using a strong cleaner, which was left for twenty minutes to soak into the pores.

Applying heavy duty cleaner to victorian floor tiles

The cleaner was scrubbed in with a black pad fitted to a rotary floor scrubbing machine.

Areas inaccessible to the machine were scrubbed and rinsed by hand.

Removing and rinsing cleaner from victorian tiles

I removed the cleaning slurry with a powerful wet vacuum.

I repeated the cleaning and rinsing until the soil and old sealer residues were removed.

Sealing a Victorian Tiles Floor In Darlington.

We offer a number of Victorian Tiles sealing options for this flooring type.

Giving a matt, satin or gloss finish

After discussing the options with the customer, we decided on a matt finish colour-enhancing impregnating sealer.

The sealer brings out the natural colours in the tiles, leaving a matt finish.

The sealer gives a hard-wearing finish, protecting the surface of the Victorian Tiles and the grout.

The sealer also gives more time to wipe spills before they damage the floor

Victorian tiles in Darlington after cleaning and sealing

Importantly, the sealer makes the floor much easier to clean.

 We are very pleased with the floor. It has come out just as we wanted, clean but with the patina of age still present. Thanks for all your help and advice.
J. Caverhill

Victorian Tiles Aftercare Advice

I explained the importance of correct maintenance.

In particular, how a microfiber damp mopping would lift more soil off the floor than a round cotton mop.

Meaning that the tiles and the grout will stay cleaner for longer.

If you have a stone or tile floor in Darlington or the surrounding area that you need help with, please drop me a line.

I’ll be happy to help.

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