Soiled, Stained Victorian Tiles Tile Floor Cleaned In Farnham Hampshire

This victorian tiles cleaning Farnham project is about restoring a soiled and stained victorian tile floor.

The floor is over 100 years old, so you can imagine it has suffered quite a bit of wear.

Lots of areas were heavily stained. Some stains from leaking radiator, sending rust stains deep into the tiles.

The rest of the staining is probably from old oil-based sealers and coatings that could have been used anytime in the floor’s history.

The result was a dull-looking, soiled floor that looked nothing like the original floor.

Victorian Tiles Before Cleaning Farnham Hampshire
Victorian Tiles Cleaning Farnham – Before

The Victorian Tiles floor was installed in a hallway in Farnham.

In the main traffic lanes, the Victorian tiles had seen a lot of wear.

Some tiles had been repaired and replaced, so previous owners had tried their best to maintain the floor.

However,  the floor was starting to look rather sorry for itself.

My client was looking for an improvement in the appearance of the floor, so it would look cleaner, and display the natural colours in the tiles.

I surveyed the floor and explained that I could remove surface soils, but that a lot of the staining may still remain, hopefully, lighter.

I recommended deep-cleaning to restore the appearance of the tiles.

After cleaning, the floor would be sealed to protect it from dirt and staining.

The homeowner agreed to my quote and we set a date to restore the Victorian Tiles.

Cleaning Victorian Tiles Floor Tile and Grout

The Victorian Tiles cleaning process can splash strong cleaning solutions onto walls and other surfaces.

Victorian Tiles Cleaning Preparaton Farnham Hampshire

The splashes can stain or damage paint and wax, so we protect these delicate surfaces.

Victorian Tile Cleaning -Testing Solutions For Suitability

I carry a number of Victorian Tile Cleaner solutions, from heavy-Duty to gentle cleaners.

The gentle cleaners could not remove the soil or stains.

After testing, I arrived at a combination of Alkali and acidic heavy-duty Victorian Tile cleaners, giving each cleaner 30 minutes soak into the tiles.

Victorian Tiles Cleaning Test Farnham Hampshire
Victorian Tiles cleaning Farnham – Test Sample


This combination worked well and removed the ingrained soil and a lot of the stains.

Victorian Tiles Test Sample After Cleaning


I applied a Victorian Tiles cleaner and sealer remover onto the floors and gave the chemical time to soften any remaining sealer and soil residues.

After around 20 minutes, I used a rotary scrubbing machine to scrub the surface residues and soils off the surface of the tiles and grout, leaving a dirty slurry.

Scrubbing Victorian Tiles Floor Farnham Hampshire

I removed the slurry with a powerful wet vacuum and carefully rinsed the floor.

I repeated the cleaning until the soil and old sealer residues were removed.

Victorian Tiles Floor After Cleaning Farnham Hampshire

Sealing a Victorian Tiles Tiles In Farnham.

We offer a number of Victorian Tiles sealing options for this floor type.

Giving a matt, satin or gloss finish

After discussing the options with the customer, we decided on a colour-enhancing impregnating sealer.

Victorian tiles selaing farnham hampshire

The sealer brings out the natural colours in the tiles.

The sealer gives a hard-wearing finish, protecting the surface of the Victorian Tiles and the grout.

The sealer also gives more time to wipe spills before they damage the floor

Importantly, the sealer makes the floor much easier to clean.

My client was delighted with the results.

Many thanks for an excellent job.

Victorian Tiles Aftercare Advice

For aftercare cleaning and maintenance, I recommended they use a pH neutral cleaner daily.

You must be careful when choosing a cleaner for sealed floors as many products are too strong and will reduce the lifespan of the sealer.

If you have a stone or tile floor in Farnham or the surrounding area that you need help with, please drop me a line.

I’ll be happy to help.