Marble Honing An Introduction By Abbey Floor Care

Marble Honing An Introduction By Abbey Floor Care

We often get asked questions about what part honing plays in stone restoration stone so we have put together this short introduction to marble and stone honing and its importance in cleaning stone and marble floors and as a preparation for polishing stone floors, esepcially marble, terrazzo, travertine and limestone. However honing is also a great cleaning aid for all kinds of stone as long as you are experienced the different kinds of honing.

New Honed and Polished Tiles

Smooth honed or polished stone tiles go through various finishing processes at the factory to to achieve a smooth honed or polished finish. The result is a beautiful surface that you fall in love with

Stone Wear

Over time your beautiful stone floor will wear from foot traffic, furniture scratches and etch marks from spills. The result is an dull scratched surface that gets increasingly difficult to keep clean.

What Is Honing?

Honing is a process where silicon carbide or diamond particles are rubbed over the surface to remove a minute amount of stone. In the process they remove or smooth out scratches and ingrained soil.

Honing grit is graded according to its size and the larger the grit the more stone it removes from the surface.

There are three kinds of honing.

Powder Honingpowder honing

Honing powders are mixed with water and rubbed over the stone using rotating brushes. Powder honing is ideal for very uneven floors or where the grout is dirty.

The brush can push the powder deep into grout lines to remove ingrained soil. Progressively finer honing powders can be used to achieve a quite a high sheen.

Pad Honing

honing marble floor using diamond impregnated padsIn recent years pads impregnated diamond dust have become very popular for commercial flooring. They achieve the same finish as powder honing, they are less messy for the operator and they need less experience in floor care to use them.

Many supermarkets now use extremely fine diamond impregnated pads to maintain the shine on their terrazzo floors.

Hard honing

hard resin honing disksHard honing uses hard resin disks impregnated with honing diamonds. Like powder and pad honing they are excellent at removing surface scratches and ingrained dirt however they create a much smoother finish and are ideal as preparation for final polishing.

Hard honing is not suited to uneven floors as the disks can chip tile edges and the tile edges can damage the disks. There are best used after a floor has been ground smooth.

So to re-cap, powder and pad honing is ideal for deep cleaning a dirty stone floor and removing or smoothing out small scratches. Powder honing is also ideal for cleaning very uneven floors and deep grout lines.

Hard honing is best suited to smooth or nearly smooth floors. It is mainly used as preparation before final polishing.

I hope this has introduction has been useful. If you need more information, then please check out he rest of our site, or if you’re in the UK, call us on 0800 695 0180