Stone Floor Restoration Service Locations

I offer my Stone Restoration Services throughout the country.

I often get asked if I clean in a certain place. So I have set up the UK map below. The map shows the country by counties.

When you click on a county, you will see work I have done in or near that county.

When I started organising my posts by county, I was surprised to see that I have worked in nearly every county in England and Wales and some counties in Southern Scotland.

Some counties will only show one job, others will show more jobs. As I add posts, the number of jobs per county will increase.

Newer posts will contain basic information as I work alone and only have limited time to update the site.

I do hope the information is useful for you.

So, click on a county and see what I have done near you.

Click on a county

This map shows just some of the people we have helped with their stone floor.

As you can see I really do offer a service throughout the country.

If you are looking for help with your stone floors, click here to drop me a line.