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A Light Explanation Of Our Expert Stone Floor Cleaning And Polishing Services In Inverclyde

Marble Polishing Greenock

Marble Polishing Greenock

Marble ultimately looses its original finish. The dull appearance is brought on by microscopic scratches on the surface of the tile where it has been walked over. Marble Polishing is the best way to bring back the initial shine.

We use industrial diamond polishing equipment to restore the original luster.

It is practically unachievable to lay a marble floor really flat. The only method to make a marble floor smooth is by grinding away the lippage and uneven edges of the tiles. You must have specialized machinery and several years of hands on experience to grind and hone a marble floor, but the result is gorgeous.

Following grinding, the marble tiles and the grout will be at the exact same level. The marble floor will get the appearance of being just one piece of stone.

It is less of a challenge to clean a smooth, sleek marble than an uneven floor. Also, soil doesn't get stuck in the grout lines. Marble floor restoration generally involves a few crack and chip repairs, using marble fillers. Once we assess your floor, we will advice he ideal marble restoration process.

Find out about our Marble Polishing Greenock services and also our entire professional cleaning  work or Book a Quote.

Travertine Cleaning Port Glasgow

Travertine Cleaning Port Glasgow

A Travertine floor is a kind of Limestone. There will various kinds of Travertine floor tiles, including tumbled, honed and polished. As the travertine wears, the hole filler falls out, and the holes fill with unsightly dirt and soil.

Working to the highest standard, Travertine floor restoration businesses use use a variety of machine scrubbing, hand scrubbing and pressure rinsing to eliminate old sealers and ingrained soil.

After cleaning, the Travertine floor could be grouted to refill any open holes. After cleaning and grouting we apply durable sealers.

Find outabout our Travertine cleaning Port Glasgow services along with our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning options or get a free Quote->>

Limestone Cleaning Gourock

Limestone Cleaning Gourock

Limestone ultimately looses its initial appearance. The damage to the surface is due to traffic scratching and etch marks The only way to revive the original finish is through polishing the tiles. We utilise industrial-grade machines and industrial diamond tooling to grind, hone and polish the stone.

If your floor has been put down with not level tiles, this really is known as “lippage”. The only way to make a Limestone floor smooth is by grinding away the lippage and irregular edges of the tiles. Grinding Limestone should really only be completed by experts. The Limestone will have a monolithic appearance as a single area of Limestone.

Following grinding, the Limestone tiles be flush with the grout. It is less of a challenge to mop a smooth, sleek Limestone than an irregular floor. A smooth surface Limestone floor won't have grout lines to hold grime. Limestone restoration commonly features some crack and chip repairs, using Limestone resin fillers. We can advise the appropriate restoration service.

Get more informationabout our Limestone cleaning Gourock services including our entire stone floor cleaning restoration options or Book your free Quote->>

Terrazzo Polishing Wemyss Bay

Terazzo Polishing Wemyss Bay

Terrazzo is a nice-looking yet hard wearing flooring, hence its popularity as a flooring in supermarkets, airports, commercial and industrial buildings. The initial finish on a Terrazzo floor will progressively go dull. The surface damage is due to wear scratches and surface damage.

The only way to revive the initial finish is through polishing the Terrazzo to the highest standard. We use diamond polishingto restore the initial Terrazzo shine. Once your Terrazzo is cleaned and polished, we are able put on a sealer that protects against day to day spillages.

Find outabout our Terrazzo Polishing Wemyss Bay work plus our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning restoration services or get a free Quote

Granite Polishing Inverkip

Granite Polishing Inverkip

Granite is widely used in domestic and commercial rooms. Granite is an extremely hard wearing tile, ideal for heavy-duty traffic areas. Professional maintenance is generally necessary more infrequently compared to different stones tile marble or limestone.

Because of its hardness, granite requires expert restoration. We offer a complete selection of granite cleaning, polishing, restoration and sealing services. to the highest standard.

Find out moreabout our Granite polishing Carruthmuir service and our wide-ranging stone floor cleaning restoration services or Book a Quote

Sandstone Cleaning And Sealing Kilmacolm

Sandstone Cleaning Kilmacolm

Sandstone is made of compressed sand, together with different minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Old sandstone can be covered with a number of old sealers and trapped soil, so ultimately, it needs expert cleaning and sealing.

We use a rotary brushing equipment, coating removers and pressurised rinsing to clean the sandstone Following cleaning we use hard-wearing sealers. Once we inspect your floor, we can advise you the best restoration process.

Learn more about our Sandstone cleaning Kilmacolm services and also our extensive stone floor cleaning  treatments or Book a Quote

Slate Cleaning And Sealing Carruthmuir

Slate Cleaning Carruthmuir

Slate is a wonderfully functional material that can be protected with a range of finishes including rough texture, smooth honed or polished finish. We have been mostly called to clean slate when it has layers of old coating with embedded soil, and so the finish appears dull and dirty.

We use rotary scrubbing equipments and sealer removers clean the slate. After professional cleaning we apply hard wearing sealers.

If you have got the right slate, it may be ground smooth, which makes it better to clean.

Find out about our Slate cleaning and sealing Carruthmuir work in addition to our extensive stone cleaning  options or Book a Quote

Terracotta Cleaning And Sealing Auchenbothie

Terracotta Cleaning Auchenbothie

Terracotta is manufactured out of natural clay and historically has been used for roof tiles, sculptures, bricks and floor tiles.

Abrasive cleaning chemicals such as conventional floor cleaners and bathroom tile cleaners can easily mark and damage Terracotta.

Regardless of its vulnerabilities, Terracotta may be restored back once again to a wonderful finish.

We could re-wax the Terracotta or put on a hard-wearing synthetic sealer that is much easier to take care of.

Learn moreabout our Terracotta cleaning and sealing Auchenbothie work including our comprehensive stone cleaning  options or Book a Quote

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning And Sealing Auchenfoyle

Victorian Minton Tiles Cleaning Auchenfoyle

Victorian Clay Tiles are found in lots of Victorian and Edwardian hallways.

The tiles are unglazed from the natural colours of the clay used in their manufacture.

With the variations in residential decoration, these kinds of floors get underlay from carpet, lino, bitumen and other glue deposits.

Old polishes, waxes, paint spills and sealer deposits helps make cleaning these types of floors challenging.

After cleaning, the original colours in the floor can appear dull, so we use a colour intensifying sealer to revive the original . A topical sealer or wax finish can give the floor tiles with a low-sheen finish.

Find out moreabout our Victorian Minton Tiles cleaning and sealing Auchenfoyle service and our entire professional cleaningsolutions or Book a Quote

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Ardgowan

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Ardgowan

Quarry tiles are very durable although they still have problems with a couple of issues.

Damage to the surface of the tiles like scratches along with other abrasions can happen if the tiles haven’t been correctly sealed or perhaps the existing slealer has worn away.

While the tiles may appear soiled and discoloured, they’re surprisingly robust and could look as good as new after an effective clean. After cleaning, the tiles can be protected with a long lasting sealer.

Read moreabout our Quarry Tiles cleaning Ardgowan  floor restoration services in addition to our extensive professional cleaning work or Book a Quote

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning And Polishing Greenock

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Greenock

Porcelain has become an increasingly preferred alternative to standard ceramic tiles and natural stone.

The added minerals makes Porcelain tougher than standard ceramic tiles.

When the blend of ceramics isn't correct, the top of tiles can be porous. just like natural stone floors. This soil can be tough to remove.

We are able to get rid of embedded dirt with equipment designed to get into the microscopic pits where the soil is held.

After cleaning, we apply specialist Porcelain sealers to prevent this problem.

Solid color Porcelain can be ground and restored like Granite or Marble.

Learn more about our Porcelain Tiles Cleaning Greenock floor restoration work plus our substantial professional cleaning solutions or Book a Quote.

Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Service Port Glasgow

Ceramic Tiles And Grout Cleaning Port Glasgow

Professional cleaning of Ceramic tile floors often takes less time in comparison to natural stone floors or clay tiles..

Usually, the glassy finish releases ingrained soil and dirt a lot more easily.

Expert tile cleaning and restoration services will still give better results.

Once your ceramic tile is cleaned we'll put on a sealer. A sealed floor is easier to keep clean and the sealer helps stop stains.

Find out more about our Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning Greenock cleaning method in addition to our wide-ranging professional stone floor cleaning treatments or Book a Quote employing a business that works with the highest standard in natural stone.

Stone Cleaning And Natural Stone Restoration. Gourock

There in many cases are aspects of natural stone restoration during natural stone cleaning. Natural stone floor restoration involves a range of services. Stone and tile floors have problems with traffic wear and damage, because people wander on them. In most cases, soil, spillages and traffic scrapes ruin floor's finish, subsequently the significance of stone restoration. Highly polished floors like Marble, Granite and Terrazzo show wear sooner as the polished finish dulls from foot traffic marks. Permeable natural stone and tile sealed with a surface sealer will gradually suffer scratch damage.

Grout is normally the most sensitive element of a natural stone installation. Cementatious grout is generally softer than stone and much more susceptible to abrasion and chemical deterioration. Stone restoration more often than not requires some crack and hole repair.

Etching and scratches are generally removed by grinding and honing. Natural stone can be ground to reveal a fresh finish.

Polishing Stone Floors

The original gloss on a natural stone floor will steadily dull. The loss of sparkle is brought on by traffic marks and surface damage. Eventually, the stone floor will need to be restored.

On marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Polished Limestone and Polished Travertine floors, the highest standard natural diamonds are used to get rid of the surface wear and recover the initial gloss. The polish on Clay, Honed Travertine, Honed Limestone, Sandstone & Slate tiles is established using a gloss sealer. Sealer stripping chemicals are used to clear away all traces of the old sealer, and then a new gloss-finish sealer is applied.

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Local Information

Inverclyde Scots: Inerclyde, Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Chluaidh, pronounced [i?i???xl??u?j], “mouth of the Clyde” is one of 32 council areas used for local government in Scotland .

Together with the East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire council areas, Inverclyde forms part of the historic county of Renfrewshire, which currently exists as a registration county and lieutenancy area – located in the west central Lowlands .

It borders the North Ayrshire and Renfrewshire council areas, and is otherwise surrounded by the Firth of Clyde .

Inverclyde was formerly one of nineteen districts within Strathclyde Region, from 1975 until 1996 .

Prior to 1975, Inverclyde was governed as part of the local government county of Renfrewshire, comprising the burghs of Greenock, Port Glasgow and Gourock, and the former fifth district of the county .

Its landward area is bordered by the Kelly, North and South Routen burns to the southwest separating Wemyss Bay and Skelmorlie, North Ayrshire, part of the River Gryfe and the Finlaystone Burn to the south-east .

It is one of the smallest in terms of area 29th and population 28th out of the 32 Scottish unitary authorities .

Along with the council areas clustered around Glasgow it is considered part of Greater Glasgow in some definitions, although it is physically separated from the city area by open countryside and does not share a border with the city .

The name derives from the extinct barony of Inverclyde 1897 conferred upon Sir John Burns of Wemyss Bay and his heirs .

Examples of Stone Floor Restoration Projects

This Victorian Tiles cleaning Stoke-on-Trent project is about cleaning and sealing a old victorian tile floor. This hallway had a flooring of beautiful Victorian Tiles tiles. The floor is a mixture of plain and encaustic tiles.

Geometric and encaustic tiled floors became a popular flooring for public buildings in the mid-1800’s.

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Black Galaxy Granite Floor Restoration

stone floor

Polishing A Black Galaxy Granite Floor

After 17 years, the main walk areas were dull and ugly compared to other areas of the floor.

There was a lot of lippage over the floor. So the floor had to be ground smooth before honing and polishing.

I removed the lippage with 30 grit metal diamonds. Then 90 grit metal diamonds to remove the scratches from the previous grit.

I switched to resin diamonds to progressively hone and polish the Granite to a deep shine.

The final step in polishing was to burnish the floor with black polishing cream using a stainless steel pad. The black polishing cream contains black polymers to help darken the stone and titanium abras…Read More

Restoring A Hidden Gem Of A Terrazzo Floor

stone floor

Giving A Terrazzo Floor A New Lease Of Life

This Terrazzo hallway floor was discovered under a wooden floor. The client removed the wooden floor and I then removed the glue. I ground and honed the floor. I repaired a couple of cracks in the floor before polishing Terrazzo to a high shine. I applied a high quality impregnating sealer.

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stone floor

This slate floor cleaning Hitchin project came about because my client was looking for a long term cleaning solution for her slate floor tiles.

The tiles were originally sourced from Fired Earth over 15 years ago. My client had regularly cleaned and sealed the tiles with Lithofion Slate Seal.

In recent years, cleaning and sealing the slate was becoming more difficult and they were looking for a longer life sealing solution.

Removing Slate Sealer

I started by protecting all painted surfaces because the sealer removed for this kind of sealer will also remove paint and varnish from furnishings.

I applied the sealer remover and left it for around 30 minut…Read More