Hallway Terrazzo Floor Polishing Walsall

Hallway Terrazzo Floor Polishing Walsall

This Terrazzo polishing project in Walsall started after our client discovered a terrazzo floor underneath carpet in the hallway of their home.

The floor looked to be in good condition.

terrazzo polishing walsall west midlands ws3

However, there were cracks and areas of floor movement in the doorways.

Cracks in doorway of Terrazzo restoration walsall west midlands

There were also some holes caused by nails from gripper nails.

Gripper nail damage in terrazzo repair walsall west midlands

Our client checked travertine polishing companies online and saw How To Get A Beautiful Terrazzo Floor and what needs to be done when cleaning alone will not restore the finish. And found details of Abbey Floor Care’s Terrazzo polishing and restoration services.

Terrazzo Polishing Walsall – Work Schedule

On the first day, after discussing the work schedule with our client asked if we could give the floor a high polished finish to compliment the new decor in the room.

I explained that I could give the floor a high polish. However, a super high shine achieved by this process will not last very long unless they follow a proper maintenance cycle.

So I explained to the client the importance removing outdoor footwear before walking on the floor and the need for regular cleaning.

Fortunately, there is a large entrance porch, so it will be simple to keep the floor free of dust and grit. Our client was also more than happy to follow our recommended cleaning schedule.

I started by cleaning out the cracks and holes with diamond burrs. I filled the cracks and holes with red and black fillers. The fillers are a two-part filler that set very hard in a couple of hours.

filling holes in terrazzo floor walsall west midlands

Once the filler had hardened, I used hand grinding and polishing tools to remove the excess filler and polish the areas to a high shine.

terrazzo filler polishing walsall west midlands

After completing the repairs, I could start grinding.

I started by grinding the floor with my heavy-duty planetary grinding machine and 30 grit and 50 grit metal sintered diamond tooling.

terrazzo grinding machine walsall west midlands

As you can see from the slurry, this is a very aggressive process, removing the top of the floor. The grinding work took the remainder of the first day.

slurry from terrazzo grinding walsall west midlands

On the second day, I honed the floor starting with 100 grit diamond tooling, finishing at 3,000 grit.

The floor was then left overnight to dry ready for polishing.

Terrazzo Polishing Results – Fantastic!

I used hand polishing equipment to grind and polish the riser of the entrance step, leaving a beautiful, red finish.

hand polishing terazzo walsall west midlands

I polished the floor with a polishing machine and terrazzo polishing compounds. The polishing process gave the terrazzo a beautiful, deep lustrous shine.

After polishing, I sealed the floor with a high quality impregnating sealer.

My client was absolutely delighted with the finish.

terrazzo polishing results walsall west midlands

I gave the client detained cleaning instructions, including the need to daily dry sweep and damp mop with the correct terrazzo cleaning solution.

If you have a terrazzo floor in need of cleaning and restoration, please contact Abbey floor Care, we will be happy to help.