Cleaning Quarry Tiles High Peak Derbyshire

Cleaning Quarry Tiles High Peak Derbyshire

This quarry tile cleaning High Peak project came about because our client was looking for a reliable quarry tile cleaning company to clean and seal the floor in her kitchen and dining rooms.

Once I had completed cleaning and sealing, my client was delighted:

“My floor is absolutely brilliant. I can’t get over the colour. It looks like a lovely floor again.”

Mrs. Harvey

The main problems with the tiles were:

  • Dull with lots of marks
  • Ingrained soil from years of use
  • Areas of light efflorescence deposits
  • Areas of Cement-like efflorescence from years of evaporating salts forming into thick deposits on a number of tiles

How To Clean Quarry Tiles High Peak Abbey Floor Care

There was quite a lot of lippage over the floor. The lippage meant that any scrubbing may cause splashes. As I was using some strong cleaners, the splashes could cause damage to paintwork.

So I started by installing protection around the floor to protect walls and adjoining floors against damage from chemicals.

Quarry Tile Cleaning High Peak SK23

I started the cleaning by scrubbing the floor with quarry tile cleaners to remove the ingrained soil.

Clean Red Quarry Tiles High Peak Sk23 Abbey Floor Care

Then I moved on to scrubbing the floor with acid-based cleaners to remove the light efflorescence deposits.

I finished the cleaning process by using a large scraper and grinding to remove the thick cement-like deposits

I left the floor for a couple of hours to dry ready for sealing.

Quarry Tiles Sealing High Peak SK23

I applied 3 coats of high-quality colour enhancing impregnating sealer.

How To Seal Unglazed Quarry Tiles High Peak Abbey Floor Care

The sealer enhances the colours in the tiles, similar to applying linseed oil to quarry tiles. A sealer does not have the problems of oxidation and discolouration that can come with of linseed oil. The sealer gives protection against spills and makes the floor easier to clean.

Once the sealer had dried, I applied a coat of fila wax to further protect the floor and improve cleaning.

Quarry Tile Waxing High Peak Abbey Floor Care

If you a problem cleaning quarry tiles, please contact us, we will be happy to help.