Granite Polishing

  • Owing to Arthritus I can no longer provide Granite floor and Worktop Grinding Honing or Polishing 
  • If you are near London or Glasgow/Edinburgh, I have colleagues who can undertake this work and I will be happy to pass your enquiries on to them.
  • There is lots of helpful information below about Granite polishing and restoraiton from a "hands-on" professional contractor.
abbey floor care polishing granite floor tiles

How To Polish Granite Tiles

Sand and grit can scratch the granite surface like sandpaper. Unprotected furniture legs will make deep scratches when they are dragged across the floor.

As granite is a hard stone, it is difficult to find the best way to clean granite if you don't have much experience in cleaning granite and granite polishing

Specialists In Cleaning Granite and Polishing Granite

To help you keep the original look, our specialist granite polisher will make your floor look beautiful glossy, giving you a “just like new finish”

How To Polish Black Galaxy Granite Coventry CV4 Abbey Floor Care
Polishing Black Granite Coventry CV4
Restoring Black Granite Coventry CV4 Abbey Floor Care

This Black Galaxy-Granite floor was too worn to be polished back to a shine with granite polishing powder. I had to grind off the worn surface, then hone and polish the tiles back to a high shine.

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At Abbey Floor Care we can restore all types of granite floor tiles to their beautiful original glossy finish.With specialist cleaning, grinding and polishing, you can have the deep gloss your floor had when it was first laid. 

To help you keep the original look we have sealers and polishes so you can enjoy them your floor floors for years to come. 

 The Best Way To Clean Granite 

The best way without doubt to clean granite is to try your best to make sure it doesn’t get scratched and dirty in the first place, because once you have scratches on your floor, you need to call on professional help. 

So here are some tips on taking care of granite: 

  • Your granite floors should have the additional protection of an impregnating granite tile sealer. 
  • Use good barrier matting to stop tracked in dirt scratching your floor Use felt furniture pads to protect the floor.
  • Stand any large objects like plants on protective bases to help prevent accidental scratches when you move them.
  • Only use specialist granite cleaning products. 
  • General floor cleaners contain chemicals that could dissolve minerals in your granite, leaving dull marks.
  • Any granite maintenance plan should include vacuuming or dry dusting at least three times a week to remove harmful sand and grit.
  • Damp mop at lest three times a week.
  • Blot up spills immediately, remember BLOT don’t rub because you can spread the stain. 
  • Traffic lanes should be professionally restored on an annual basis to maintain the finish. 
  • Over time small impact holes may appear. 

Don’t worry we can fill and polish them with ours specialist granite repair equipment. 

 Small imperfections can be filled and polished to an almost invisible finish. 

With large scale damage, the only option is surface grinding and polishing. 

Grinding granite is a highly skilled task. 

Many contractors shy away from granite because it is so hard, but we have the equipment and experience, so you need not worry. 

Get Cleaning Advice From Abbey Floor Care With our extensive experience in cleaning and restoration. 

We are pleased to offer advice on maintenance programs, cleaning solutions and equipment.