Granite Polishing Alone Did Not Restore This Black Galaxy Granite Floor In Coventry

Granite Polishing Alone Did Not Restore This Black Galaxy Granite Floor In Coventry

Granite Polishing Coventry Project Details

My customer in Coventry has a beautiful Black Star Granite floor. However, after 17 years, the main walk areas were dull and ugly in comparison to other areas of the floor. The family pets spend a lot of time in the kitchen area. I am sure their claws helped to damage the surface of the floor.

How To Polish Black Galaxy Granite Coventry Cv4 Abbey Floor Care

Previously, I had completed a sample Granite polishing of the floor using Granite Polishing Cream. The sample polish gave a shine to the tiles. But the polishing process alone could not recover the mirror finish. Because there was too much damage to the surface of the tiles.

I advised my client that the floor would need to be re-surfaced. There was a lot of lippage over the floor.  So the floor had to be ground smooth before honing and polishing. Grinding is a costly process, starting at £60.00 per square metre. At the time the costs were above my clients budget.

Two years later my client decided to proceed with the Granite grinding and polishing work.

To begin with, I protecting kitchen furniture with plastic sheeting.

Black Galaxy Granite Restoration Coventry Cv4 Abbey Floor Care

Granite Grinding Coventry

I started the grinding process with 30 grit metal diamonds. These diamonds are very aggressive, removing lippage from the floor

Restoring Black Galaxy Granite Coventry Cv4 Abbey Floor Care

I removed the scratches with 90 grit metal diamonds and then progressively honed the floor to a 3,000 grit finish.

Granite Honing Coventry

This image shows a smaller grit size gradually closing the stone, gradually darkening the Granite

Black Galaxy Granite Honing Coventry Cv4 Abbey Floor Care

Granite Polishing Coventry

The final step in polishing was to burnish the floor with black polishing cream using a stainless steel pad. The black polishing cream contains black polymers to help darken the stone and titanium abrasives to give a deep final polish.

Granite Polishing Coventry Cv4

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General Information On Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite is in the gabbro family of stone material, mined in the Ongole area of South India. The Granite has a 4.5 rating on the Moh’s hardness scale. This rating shows that the Granite is hard and durable enough to withstand most common use.

Black Galaxy granite is a popular flooring and worktop material because of its durability and striking appearance. This Granite has attractive naturally occurring Bronzite metallic flecks, which makes it a popular choice for flooring and worktops.

Black Galaxy granite is a tough material that can take daily use. However, in high traffic areas, there is a possibility of scratching. Dust, sand, and debris resulting in scuffs and scratches that can show prominently on the dark-coloured surface.