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Marble Floor Polishing London St Johns Wood NW8 – Abbey Floor Care

This marble polishing St Johns Wood London project arose as my client was searching for a marble polishing service covering Central London.

The Arabescatto marble floor is around 25 years old and I was asked to quote to polish the marble floor to a high shine.

After evaluating the floor, I noted that the traffic lanes were dull and there was a considerable amount of lippage across the floor.

marble lippage removal st johns wood london NW8 - Abbey Floor Care

Lippage is a difference in the height of adjoining tiles.

I recommended that the floor is ground smooth and then honed and polished to a deep lustrous finish.

My client contacted me to tell me that some other companies had raised their quote once they had seen the amount of lippage on his floor.

I confirmed that I was more than happy with the price I had given him. I had already accounted for the lippage so my price would not increase.

We agreed to proceed with the work and estimated that it would take 3 to 4 days to complete.

Marble Grinding St. Johns Wood London

I started by grinding the floor with using a heavy marble grinding machine and 30 grit metal sintered diamond tooling.


The image above shows the grinding machine. The machine has a splash guard to prevent the tooling splashing slurry around the floor.

marble grinding st johns wood london - Abbey Floor Care

As you can see in the photograph above, this is very aggressive grinding, leaving deep scratch marks in the marble. However if it the quickest way to remove lippage and render the floor smooth.

marble restoration st johns wood london - Abbey Floor Care

The photograph above shows the floor after the first pass with 30 grit diamonds. I had to complete three passes before the floor was smooth.

I finished the grinding process by using 90 grit metal sintered diamond tooling to remove the deep scratch marks made by the 30 grit diamond tooling.

grinding marble tiles st johns wood london - Abbey Floor Care

The picture above demonstrates how the 90 grit metal diamonds have removed the deep scratches from the lower half of the image.

The floor was then ready for honing.

Marble Floor Honing London Marble Polishing St. Johns Wood

I started the marble honing process with 100 grit epoxy diamond tooling, followed by 200 grit and 400 grit epoxy diamond tooling.

I started the marble polishing stage with 800 grit epoxy diamond tooling, followed by 1,500 grit and 3,000 grit tooling.

marble floor honing st johns wood london - abbey floor care

Another example of our marble floor polishing services in London

Marble Polishing – London Creating The Final Polish

The image above shows the floor after diamond polishing. The floor has a high level of reflection, however, there is a final stage to create a mirror-like finish.

Finally, I created a beautiful, mirror-like finish with marble polishing powder.

marble and granite polishing st johns wood london - abbey floor care

The floor was originally split into 2 rooms and one area of the floor was a different level. Small tiles had been inserted at an angle to account for the level change.

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I used hand grinding, honing and polishing equipment to polish these tiles

My client was delighted with the results and congratulated me on my “excellent work”.

What more can you ask?

If you are looking for marble polishing St Johns Wood London services or elsewhere around the country, please complete this simple contact form for a free, no-obligation quotation.

I will be happy to help.

Video Of The Marble Floor Polishing St. Johns Wood London Project