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Welcome to Abbey Floor Care - professional, stone floor cleaning Nottingham. For safe, reliable stone cleaning, polishing and sealing service on all popular stone types.

We have the equipment and experience to bring the original finish back to worn, dull domestic and commercial stone floors.

As a starting point, get your free advice from our Marble and Stone Expert, David Allen

We Have The Knowledge, Experience and Equipment To Transform Your Stone Floors

As well as looking beautiful, our stone floor cleaning Nottingham will make your marble, travertine or other floors so much easier to clean. High-quality sealers and finishes make your stone highly water and soil repellent, which means that they are easier to clean.

Our technical experts will also give you a stone floor care, showing you:

  • how often you should clean your floor
  • the best way to clean your floor
  • the best equipment to use
  • the right floor cleaners that will help protect your floor rather than damage it.
testimonial for Abbey Floor Caare Mrs Alhmbrasani Nottiingham

I hated my floor. It quickly lost its shine and soon after ugly spots started to appear all over it. I followed lots of advice about how to clean stone floors, but it was very difficult to clean.  Abbey Floor Care cleaned and polished my floor. My floor looks brand new and fabulous. I'm so pleased.

Mrs. Alhmbrasani

David has restored floors at my home and offices. The work was excellent. As always, David is always courteous and just keeps on going until the work is done. 

Mrs. Kooner

The Result Is A Beautiful Floor That Will Stay Cleaner For Longer

The before and after photos below demonstrate how our specialist stone floor cleaning Nottingham can transform dull, scratched ugly floors into beautiful, shiny floors that make you proud.

From removing old surface coatings from quarry tiles and marble to re-surfacing dirty limestone, travertine and granite.

In Just Four Easy Steps Your Stone Floors Can Look Beautiful Again

1. Contact Us By Email Or Phone

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2. Tell Us All About Your Problems

Our contact form gives you the opportunity to tell us all about the issues with your floor. A picture speaks a thousand words, so please send photos of your floors highlighting the issues. We may call you to have a chat about your floor to understand your problems.

3. Receive A Free Of Charge Cost Estimate

In most situations we can give you a reasonable guide of the costs included in any restoration.

We sill send you full documentation, detailing;

  • The costs.
    • There'll be no covert costs or surcharges, our rates will be completely up front.
  • The work involved.
    • We will include details about similar work we have done so you can get an idea of what's involved and the finish you will get.
  • The timescale.

So you are armed with all the information you need to make a considered, informed decision.

4. Agree A Date To Start The Work

If you feel that the estimated cost is within your budget, we'll organize an appointment to start the work. A couple of days prior to your job, if you prefer, we can give you a call to confirm that is ok and validate the details.

We will show up on the agreed date and at the agreed to start work.

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Stone Floor Cleaning Nottingham - Inclusive Services:  Stone Floor Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing Natural Stone Restoration And Tile

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Expert Marble Cleaning In Nottingham

Marble is a crystallised form of limestone that stimulates a sense of elegant extravagance. Marble floors are the ultimate in luxuriousness and genuinely add a touch of class to any home.

Marble tiles are without a doubt at the superior end of the natural stone floor covering scale. The very best marble readily available on the market today is Italian, and we would advise if possible, that you buy Italian marble tiles that are also cut in Italy.

There are less costly Italian marble tiles available that have been cut in China. These have occasionally been machined across-the-bed.

This means that piece is sliced perpendicular to the primary direction of the veining and in time will start to flake and chip. Always ensure your marble comes direct or was sourced from a credible supplier.

Marble is a hard-wearing natural stone. While luxurious and quickly recognisable, marble needs regular maintenance and sealers are needed to defend against staining and scratches. However, when chosen and cared for properly, your marble floor ought to last a lifetime.

Does Your Marble Floor Demand Expert Restoration?

Similar to many cleaning terms, marble polishing is a basic term that describes a variety of marble cleaning services that restore a shinysurface.

Marble polishing and restoration is multi-step process, required when a floor has not been cared for sufficiently, or it has to be restored due to heavy scratching and wear. Diamond impregnated tools and heavy equipment are employed for marble floor cleaning and restoration.

Marble polishing powder is then used for a mirror-like gloss. Finally the marble is sealed using a high quality permeating or penetrating sealer.

People call call because a "quick polish" of their marble floor has not returned the original shine and visual appeal. If a marble floor needs restoration, a speedy lambswool polish of a marble floor will not restore it.

I wish it did. That would be so much easier. However if that did work, there would be no need for a marble restoration industry.

If you are not maintaining and polishing your marble floor to a desirable standard, you are not conserving any money. In the short-term you might conserve some loose change, however this misjudgment or neglect will cost you substantially in the long run.

You never should let your floor get so bad that you have to have expert restoration on a regular basis. Expert restoration ought to be a very unusual occasion for a well cared for floor.

In reality, when it concerns taking care of marble and natural stone floors, you either pay a little now or you pay lots later on.

If you reckon that you are saving money by not committing to consistent maintenance, the charges will be much higher when you need to restore your floor.

When you pay for routine maintenance, working with the ideal cleaners and tools, your floor always look excellent and you can avoid costly restoration completely, or if not, significantly extend time between repairs. In the end routine upkeep is the better option.

How Much Does Marble Cleaning Cost In Nottingham

A common concern we get from customers in Nottingham is:

" What does it cost? to clean and polish my marble?"
The charge to clean and polish marble is dependent on the condition of the floor tiles, scratches, damage, staining and so on. Most of the times, we can make an evaluation from photos. That's why we ask you to send us pictures of your floor.
If we need more details from you, we generally contact you by email, for any additional information.

When we have all the information, we can provide a detailed cost and timescale for the work.