See How We Restored A Hidden Gem Of A Terrazzo Floor In Northampton

See How We Restored A Hidden Gem Of A Terrazzo Floor In Northampton

This Terrazzo floor restoration project in Northampton project arose after an enquiry to restore Terrazzo found under a wooden floor.

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Our client was searching for Terrazzo restoration companies servicing Northampton to get advice on removing the wooden floor and restoring the Terrazzo floor to its original condition.

We Provide Terrazzo Floor Restoration Northampton

She saw the Terrazzo restoration work we had done for some of her neighbours and contacted us for advice on restoring her Terrazzo floor.

They had removed some of the wooden boards and saw a thick layer of adhesive on the Terrazzo.

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I suggested they remove all the wood flooring to see if we could assess the condition of the Terrazzo.

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After removing the wood flooring, the Terrazzo looked to be in a reasonable condition so I was confident that the floor would restore to a good finish.

I started by removing the adhesive from the surface of the Terrazzo. The glue was quite old and thankfully, did not have a high bond to the floor. So I was able to scrape off the old adhesive with a heavy duty scraper and plenty of elbow grease.

Once I had removed all of the glue, I could see that the floor was in reasonable condition for its age.

Terrazzo floor Restoration – Crack Repairs

There were a few large cracks to repair. I did not restore the hairline cracks, as they would make little difference to the final appearance.

I cleaned soil and old glue out of the wide cracks with diamond cutting tools.

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Then I filled the cracks with colour matched epoxy fillers. When the Terrazzo repair hardened, I ground the repair smooth.

I used a planetary grinding machine and 50 grit metal diamond tooling to remove the old surface of the floor to reveal a new, colourful even surface.

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I then gradually diamond honed the floor, starting at 50 grit and finishing at 1,500 grit to give a high sheen finish.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing – Northampton Style

I then polished the marble chips with marble polishing powder, to give the marble a deep lustrous gloss finish.

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Finally, I applied three coats of Terrazzo colour enhancing sealer to help protect the floor and highlight the beautiful marble colours in the Terrazzo.

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Keep The Terrazzo Looking Beautiful

I gave my client detailed Terrazzo cleaning instructions, to dry sweep the floor and damp mop using Terrazzo floor cleaner. I also provided full details of the correct microfiber floor cleaning equipment and Terrazzo cleaning chemicals. If the Terrazzo is maintained correctly, the finish will last for years to come.

If you have a terrazzo floor in need of restoration, please contact me for a free, no-obligation quotation to restore your Terrazzo floor.

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