Terrazzo Can Be Beautiful, Colourful And Shiny – It Does Not have to Be Dull, Cracked And Grimy

Terrazzo Can Be Beautiful, Colourful And Shiny – It Does Not have to Be Dull, Cracked And Grimy

This Terrazzo Polishing Northampton project started after our client about our Terrazzo restoration services us to repair some cracks and polish the Terrazzo hallway floor.

The floor was around 100 years old and in good physical condition considering its age. But a build-up of soil over the years had dulled the finish. The owner was keen to have the floor restored to its best possible condition

dull terrazzo floor Northampton

Terrazzo Crack Repairs

We started by repairing the cracks across the floor.

Terrazzo Polishing Northampton

We cleaned the cracks with diamond burrs. Then filled the cracks with colour matching epoxy filler.

filling cracks in terrazzo floor with epoxy filler

Once the filler had cured and hardened, we ground the filler smooth to the floor.

terrazzo cracked floor repaired and polished

Terrazzo Grinding Work

Next, to restore the shine to the floor, I needed to grind the Terrazzo using metal diamond tooling.

Grinding Terrazzo Floor

The grinding levelled off uneven areas of the floor and removed embedded marks and stains.

Terrazzo Polishing Northampton

Once the floor was ground, I progressively honed the ground finish with diamond tooling to give the floor a high sheen, 1.500 grit finish.

I polished the travertine floor using superfine diamond tooling and marble polishing powder.

polished terrazzo floor in Northampton

Terrazzo Sealing Work

To help protect the Terrazzo, I sealed the floor with three coats of high-quality colour enhancing impregnating sealer. The sealer gives excellent water and oil protection and enhances the colours in the Terrazzo.

Terrazzo polishing Noprthampton before and after

The image above shows how I transformed the Terrazzo into a beautiful, bright and colourful entrance hallway. The Terrazzo is now so much easier to clean.

The client was delighted with the floor. He was also more than happy to recommend our Terrazzo polishing services to neighbours with similar Terrazzo Hallways.

If you have a dull Terrazzo floor and would like it restored to a super finish, please contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation, we will be happy to help.