A 50 Years Old Terrazzo Floor Restored In One Long Day

A 50 Years Old Terrazzo Floor Restored In One Long Day

Terrazzo Restoration Leicester LE7 – Project Details

This 1960’s Terrazzo floor in Tilton-on-The-Hill in Leicestershire had suffered damage during the restoration of the building.

The Terrazzo floor had the following problems

Thick cement deposits on the Terrazzo floor tiles

Terrazzo Concrete

Cement deposits on the Terrazzo skirtings

Terrazzo Skirtings Before Abbey Floor Care

Deep grinder marks

Terrazzo Grinding Marks Damage Before

After the restoration work, my client was really happy.

Thank you so much for doing an absolutely outstanding job on our floor. It is beyond my hopes of what it might look like!

Mrs Thompson

Terrazzo Grinding

I started by removing the thick cement deposits with 30 grit metal diamonds.

Terrazzo Grinding Diamonds

Then I continued to grind and hone the floor with less aggressive, honing diamonds

Terrazzo Floor Grinding

Terrazzo Repair

Before grinding, I could see one area of damage. However, more damage was hiding under the cement deposits. The grinding process exposed this additional damage.

The damage was too deep to grind away the surface of the Terrazzo.

So I filled the holes with 2 part resin filler.

Used tape to account for the natural shrinkage in the filler.

Terrazzo Grinding Marks Damage During.abbey Floor Care

Once the filler cured hard, I ground the filler smooth to the surface of the floor.

Terrazzo Grinding Marks Damage After

Terrazzo Skirting Repair

During the house renovation, the builders applied a thick layer of render to the walls. Unfortunately, they did not clean the cement residue off the Terrazzo skirtings.

Terrazzo Skirtings Before Abbey Floor Care

So I used hand grinding to remove the cement.

Terrazzo Skirting Grinding

Terrazzo Sealing

After completing the grinding, honing and repair work, I cleared the work area. Then I thoroughly rinsed the floor ready for sealing.

I applied a high quality impregnating sealer to help protect the floor and make the floor easier to clean.

Terrazzo Restoration Leicester Le7 Complete Abbey Floor Care

I explained that an impregnating sealer would not prevent acid spills from etching into the surface of the Terrazzo.

My client was delighted with the results of the Terrazzo Restoration Leicester LE7 project.

Terrazzo Care And Maintenance

Terrazzo floors are durable easy to clean. To keep the original appearance, follow these simple steps to keep a beautiful, long-lasting Terrazzo floor.

  • Remove spills quickly,  to stop acid spills etching the floor.
  • Remove stubborn sticky soil, with a palette knife.  Vacuum or dry sweep the floor with a microfiber dry mop.
  • Damp mop with a Terrazzo cleaner, such as LTP Waxwash.
  • LTP Waxwash is available online or from a local Tile Giant Store

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