Another Beautiful Polished Terrazzo Floor Project In Northampton – By Recommendation

Another Beautiful Polished Terrazzo Floor Project In Northampton – By Recommendation

This Terrazzo Floor Polishing Northampton project started after a neighbour, who had used our services, recommended my Terrazzo polishing services.

She had already spent a lot of money having her Terrazzo floor restored. However, the previous contractor told her the Terrazzo could not be polished. All they could do was clean the floor and apply a surface sealer.

terrazzo cleaning and polishing northampton

There were also a few cracks.

terrazzo cleaning polishing northampton

Once she saw the beautiful polish we achieved on her neighbour’s floor, she gave us a call.

With a floor of this age, deep cleaning will not remove ingrained soil from the marble chips and the porous Portland cement.terrazzo concrete polishing northampton

The photo above highlights the uneven worn surface and very dark, soiled portland cement after restoration by the previous contractor

The only way to completely remove the soiled surface is by grinding off the surface of the stone, to give a new clean surface.

terrazzo diamond polishing northampton

The new finish can then be honed and polished to give a smooth, bright finish.

Repairing Cracks In The Terrazzo

I cleaned out the cracks with diamond cutters. Then filled the cracks with colour matched epoxy fillers.


filling cracks in terrazzo floor

Terrazzo Floor Grinding

I used my planetary Terrazzo grinding machine with metal diamond tooling to remove around 2mm off the old Terrazzo surface.

terrazzo floor polishing and grinding equipment

The Terrazzo grinding process removed the soiled surface, leaving a clean, smooth finish

terrazzo after grinding

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

I honed and polished the new finish to a beautiful, smooth, shiny finish.

lovely polished terrazzo floor

Terrazzo Floor Sealing

astounding polished terrazzo floor

Finally, I sealed the Terrazzo with three coats of colour enhancing impregnating sealer. The sealer will help protect the floor from spills and stains. The sealer will also help make the Terrazzo easier to keep clean.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

The best way to clean the Terrazzo is by using a dry microfiber mop to remove the dry soil. Then use a microfiber damp mop and Terrazzo cleaner. It is essential to use the right detergent as standard floor cleaners will gradually degrade the sealer and damage the Terrazzo.

If you are looking to restore your Terrazzo floor, please contact us, for a free no-obligation Terrazzo grinding and polishing quotation