A Small Terrazzo Floor Transformed Into A Beautiful Floor To Be Cherished

A Small Terrazzo Floor Transformed Into A Beautiful Floor To Be Cherished

This Terrazzo Polishing Alstonfield Derbyshire project started because my client was searching for a Terrazzo Polishing service covering Derbyshire.

They found examples of my  Terrazzo Polishing page online and made contact with me.

They emailed me photographs showing the condition of the Terrazzo floor. Their main concerns with the Terrazzo were:

  • the floor was dull and soiled
  • old surface glue from carpet
    terrazzo grinding altonfield derbyshire de6 - abbey floor care
  • holes from old gripper bars.
    Terrazzo Repair Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care

They wanted the floor to have a clean polished finish and the holes filled so they were less obvious.

Terrazzo Repair Alstonfield Derbyshire

I started by cleaning out the gripper holes. I used a diamond burr to clean the edges of the holes and help remove old screw plugs. Then I filled the holes with a standard yellow filler. After grinding the floor, I could see that the yellow Terrazzo border had a slight Orange tinge, making my filler a poor match.

Terrazzo Filling Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care

So I had to use my diamond burr to remove the filler and fill the holes with a better colour match.

Terrazzo Restoration Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care

I added a small amount of red and green to the yellow base colour and thankfully I got an exact match.

Terrazzo Sealing Alstonfield Derbyshire Abbey Floor Care 00006

This does not happen often, as it is difficult to get an exact match when mixing fillers.

Terrazzo Grinding Alstonfield Derbyshire

The surface of the floor was in reasonable condition, however, it had suffered from cleaning with harsh chemicals. The chemical had left the Portland Cement porous and soiled. The only option was to grind away the old surface.

I used a hand machine to complete the edge grinding.

Terrazzo Honing Alstonfield Derbyshire

After grinding, the next step was to progressively diamond hone the floor to a mid-sheen finish.

Terrazzo Polishing Alstonfield Derbyshire

I used marble polishing powder to give a lovely, lustrous sheen to the floor.

Terrazzo Polishing Alstonfield Derbyshire - Abbey Floor Care

Finally, I sealed the floor with a high quality impregnating sealer. Because an impregnating sealer helps protect Terrazzo against staining from spills. The sealer also makes the floor easier to clean.

My client was delighted and so congratulated me on the “excellent work”. What more can you ask?

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