Terrazzo Polishing Restoration Work Solihull B91 Abbey Floor Care

Terrazzo Polishing Restoration Work Solihull B91 Abbey Floor Care

We were contacted about this Terrazzo polishing project in Solihull as our client was refurbishing a small “L” shaped cloakroom on the ground floor of their home.

terrazzo polishing Solihull Abbey Floor Care


There were a few holes from the old sanitary wear to be repaired. The cloakroom also had a couple of steps and Terrazzo skirtings to be restored.

Our client had reviewed other terrazzo cleaning work on our website and was confident that would give them a great result – which they did.

Terrazzo Polishing Solihull – Work Schedule

We started by filling the holes with a coloured hard filler. The filler is a two-part system that hardens in around an hour. Once it is hard it can be ground and polished with the rest of the floor to the desired finish.

terrazzo filler abbey floor care

Terrazzo Grinding Solihull

I ground the floor smooth with 50 grit diamond tooling to get the floor flat and remove the porous surface. Then I progressively honed the floor from 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 grit. This gave a smooth high-sheen surface.

terrazzo grinding Abbey Floor Care

I ground and honed the steps and Terrazzo skirtings with electric hand tools to give a similar high-sheen finish.

terrazzo hand grinding Abbey Floor Care

It looked as though the staircase risers and skirtings had never been finished smoothed, so the polishing made a real difference.

Terrazzo floor restoration work by Abbey Floor Care

Terrazzo Sealing Solihull

Finally, I applied a high quality impregnating sealer to help protect the floor against staining from spills and help make the floor easy to clean.

I explained the importance of regular cleaning using microfiber flat mops and Terrazzo cleaner. The high sheen will not last very long if the floor is neglected or cleaned with strong alkaline cleaners.

terrazzo cleaning instructions Abbey Floor Care

I gave the client detailed cleaning instructions, including the need to daily dry sweep and damp mop with the correct terrazzo cleaning solution.

If you have a terrazzo floor, or any other stone floor in need of cleaning and restoration, please contact Abbey floor Care, we will be happy to help.