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Travertine Restoration New Malden London KT3

My client had a Travertine tile floor in need of our Travertine cleaning service. They searched for Travertine Restoration New Malden London and came across our Travertine cleaning and restoration page.

Photographs showed a good quality Travertine flooring suffering from:

travertine restoration new malden london - abbey floor care

  • Ingrained soil
  • Dirty grout lines
  • Holes filled with soil
  • Cracks across the floor

Cleaning The Travertine Floor Tiles

I started by applying a heavy-duty Travertine cleaner. The cleaner is gel based and designed to stay liquid for at least 20 minutes. This gives the cleaner time to start softening the soil.

I used a rotary scrubbing machine to agitate the Travertine cleaner into the surface of the floor. The scrubbing action emulsified even more soil.

I removed the dirty slurry with a pressurised water rinse and capture machine. Clean rinse water is sprayed at 800psi into the surface of the floor. The water rinses away the dirty slurry and pressurised spray reaches into holes that a scrubbing machine cannot reach.

I left the floor to dry ready for the next stage, filling cracks in the tiles.

Travertine Restoration New Malden London – Repairing Cracks

As well as cleaning the soil out of the cracks, the cleaning process also removed loose filler that would come away in the coming months.

travertine crack repair new malden london

I filled the cracks with a 2 part Jasmine coloured epoxy filler.

Travertine Tiles Hole Filling

I filled the larger holes in the tiles with fine Jasmine coloured cement grout. I also used the grout to fill areas of lost grout between the tiles.

travertine tiles grout filling new malden london

Once the grout started to dry, I removed the grout residue and left the floor overnight for the grout to dry ready for Sealing.

Travertine Sealing New Malden

The floor was originally sealed with an impregnating sealer. However, I recommended using a Surface sealer. A surface sealer makes the grout repairs easier to clean.

I sealed the Travertine with 6 thin coats of mid-sheen Surface Sealer.

travertine sealing new malden london abbey floor care

My client was thrilled with the results.

If you are searching for a Travertine restoration service in New Malden, or anywhere else in the UK, please click here to contact Abbey Floor Care. We will be happy to restore your travertine floor to a beautiful, easy to clean finish.