Limestone Cleaning And Sealing Project In Solihull West Midlands

Limestone Cleaning And Sealing Project In Solihull West Midlands

This limestone cleaning Solihull project is in large commercial Building in Solihull. White Moleanos Limestone was used for the ground floor reception and rear floors, rear staircase and lift floors. Over the years, the Limestone had suffered from heavy traffic and poor maintenance. The rear reception had a number of replacement tiles and ugly repairs.

Cleaning Dirty Limestone
cleaning dirty limestone

White Moleanos Limestone is challenging to maintain owing to its porous nature. The limestone should be sealed to stop dirt accumulating in the stone.

Many cleaning companies do not know how to look after this limestone. They often use strong acidic or alkali cleaners that damage the Limestone. Once Limestone suffers damage, repairs and restoration are very expensive.

Limestone Renovation
limestone renovation

Cleaning White Moleanos Limestone Floor Tiles

The work was undertaken over three weekends because the building was in continuous use on week-days. I decided to dry grind and dry hone the Limestone, to ensure the areas were available for use on Mondays

On the first weekend, I ground and honed the rear staircase and corridor tiles. I the chips in the stair treads and floor tile repairs with a colour matched resin filler.

Limstone Damage Repair Solihull Abbey Floor Care
limestone chip repair

On the second weekend, I restored the tiles at the base of the reception stairwell. I had to grind around 3mm off the tiles to remove the surface scratches and damage. Then I honed the tiles to a smooth low-sheen finish.

Limestone Tile Restoration
limestone tile restoration
Limestone Cleaning Company
limestone cleaning company

On the third weekend, I restored the lift floors. One lift floor had deep holes caused by moving filing cabinets around the building

I ground around 3mm off the floor and filled any remaining hole damage with colour matched resin filler. Then I honed the floors to a smooth low-sheen finish.

The Best Way To Clean Limestone
the best way to clean limestone

Sealing Moleanos Limestone

The client wanted a long-lasting sealer that was easy to maintain. I discussed the different sealing options with the client. I recommended a hybrid film-forming penetrating sealer. This sealer penetrates deep into the stone and the resins protecting and strengthening the stone. The durable surface film gives added protection from ingrained soil and makes the floor easy to maintain. The sealer is also more chemically resistant than standard impregnating or penetrating sealers.

Limestone Cleaning Service
limestone cleaning service

The client was delighted with the transformation in their Limestone.

I gave the client cleaning and maintenance instructions to extend the life of the finish. These instructions were passed on to the cleaning contractor.

If you are looking for Limestone cleaning, please drop me a line, I will be happy to help.